Add "Experiences" to main Airbnb/VRBO listing

It would be great if guests knew before-hand that they can also book an experience with the host they are booking with.

I am part of Airbnb experiences in Nashville, TN with a party bus as well as private chef experience. As guests are scrolling through listings (experience available with this host), it can be added to “home highlights” on the listing, or the listing can be flagged as a host with an experience available.

I have had several guests who said they would had loved booking my experience and added to their itinerary if they knew about in advance.

Just put it in your listing description.


If you offer experience on Airbnb they show up on your profile so guests can see them @turnercress .

Presumably you also highlight your experience in your accommodation listing? Hi

You are correct in that if you want guests to know about your ‘Experience’ you need to invest in marketing it.

I stopped my experiences during COVID and previously only noted them fairly low down in my description. This reminds me that I need to step up featuring the experience when I resume in May.

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