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Accuracy Ratings - such a stupid system

I’ve just been going through my reviews and writing up some outstanding guest reviews. I’m not sure if I’ve missed this before or if it’s just a new feature, but now I see " Accuracy feedback:
Your guest mentioned some issues that weren’t accurately reflected in your listing description: listing left out important information." Ok, that’s helpful, but you know what’s NOT helpful? Not knowing what in the world the guest is talking about! So now if I want to find out what the guest felt was inaccurate, I have to go and contact her. Isn’t there a better way to work this out? I certainly don’t want to have inaccurate info so what do I do now?

I think if 5 stars is going to be their bar, and it seems to be their goal for every stay, they need to have a box that pops up asking what would have made it a 5-star rating.


^^^ Good idea, why keep it a mystery.

The whole review system is pretty weird but the saving grace is that it applies to all of us hosts. I posted elsewhere in this forum that my solid 5* reviews have just been ruined by some new guest who gave me one star for everything.

I suspect that we all get weird reviews and star ratings from time to time so it balances out in the end. I’m not going to worry about it unless bookings dry up!

/On the podium
That is not only absurd, but just plain lunacy. No intelligent system doesn’t have a built-in check and balance in place, from the outset, to safeguard against the mentally incapable, mean-spirited, revengeful or just plain insane. Like I have suggested many times, the host should be given the option that every 25 reviews they can eliminate a review of their choosing to cover such a possibility.

That review will have no bearing on your bookings because it will be undoubtedly viewed as coming from an ‘alien’.
/Off the podium


I seriously hope so! But it just goes to show that one new Airbnb guest can really ruin your reputation for no apparent reason. Although we were given only one star for everything they told me how happy they were with the place and the public review was fine. (Not fantastic but OK).

I wouldn’t mind the occasional ‘off’ review because the good ones out weigh them. But star ratings are another issue. Grrrrr!

You are so kind @jaquo in your manner, wonderful way to be. I would be busy planning their demise! LoL

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@jaquo I missed that about the 1 star thing! Sorry to hear! I would find that most upsetting.

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As in arbitration. Why not?

Perhaps he thought You are #1! The best!


Have you ever had one of those requests to review a rep on a customer service line and they kept changing whether 1 was best or worst between questions?!

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You would have to get several 1-star reviews to really hurt your ratings. For a host with a good number of reviews and good ratings, they really balance out. Let’s pretend you have 25 5* and your 26th review is 4*, your average rating would be 4.85 and will still appear as 5 stars.

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Hi @jaquo,

Did you contact the guest about it? If not, I would. It sounds like it was probably a mistake. Maybe they were confused, and thought, as @KIKC says, that 1 was the best.

The only logical explanation; either way, I so enjoyed my little rant on the review system, I felt better the rest of the day. :sunglasses:

I think Airbnb should make the guest respond to a question if the rating is below what the host normally receives - i.e. This host usually receives 5 stars for location/accuracy etc. Please help the host improve by explaining why you have rated it only 3 star? I think it will make guests more accountable. I have received 5 stars for location from 70 of 72 for one of my listings. Two Chinese guests gave it 3 star? I would like to know where they were hoping to be and then I could add it to my listing. e.g. If you are wishing to stay near X district, please be advised this is a 20 min train ride away - or something similar.


I hope that you’re right, @faheem - but no, I haven’t contacted them. I tend to weigh up the time and mental anguish involved versus moving on to the next guests and maintaining a positive attitude :slight_smile:

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So far if my guests have complained about accuracy, it is complaining about things all disclosed in the listing (no curtain, have to walk through the yard to enter, footsteps overhead, etc.).

(addressed to wrong person)

Imagine if their intention was to give you ‘5s’.

What was addressed to the wrong person?

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