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Accuracy Rating

I keep losing points on the accuracy rating, and I’m not entirely sure why. I just contacted my last guest, who left me a really lovely review and 5 stars in everything else with “HI XXX, thank you for your lovely feedback! AirBnB notified me that I got a very low accuracy rating from you, I’d love to improve that - are there any specific points in my listing that I could improve? Thank you so much!”

I hope that will help. Do you have any other pointers for me?

Are your photographs accurate? Our photographs actually makes the place look just a little inferior to the way it really is. People often say that it’s much nicer than they thought it would be. Mind you, we’re in a tourist area. In other places having less-than-wonderful photographs it might affect bookings.

Hey @jaquo - the photos are not 100% accurate, as in when I moved in the room was scarcely furnished, but since then is really, really lovely - so it is a BIG improvement from what people see (previous: 1 bed, 1 wardrobe | now: bigger bed, headboard, wardrobe, clothing rails, plant, lamps, art on the wall). I also specify in my listing that:

The room is currently “in flux” because I want to paint the walls and have changed some furniture, but it is a comfortable bed which is the most important thing for a good night’s sleep! If you have any concerns please let me know – you can see from my reviews that my guests have been very satisfied so far =)

I don’t think people would use that as a negative, just because it is a lot nicer than in the pics, and I do mention it in my listing. So weird!! FYI I am just waiting for my new lense so I can take fresh pictures - it’s so difficult to take room pictures with a normal camera (any tips are appreciated)

UPDATE: my guest got back to me:

Oh shoot… I just left that empty but stupid Airbnb thought i gave you a 0… Sorry about that, I didn’t actually have any issues with your accuracy… :slight_smile:

I’m going to contact Air separately about this now, I’ll report back if anyone is interested.


@Julie every time I follow up with guests about non-5* reviews I always get a similar answer, that they intended to give 5*, but must have made a mistake on the app. So far AirBnB have refused to change the ratings, and I don’t want to pressure guests into calling CS, but it’s super frustrating!

Fingers cross it goes better for you!

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Would you share a link to your listing ?


Hi Julie,

I don’t think your guest is being honest. I keep a spreadsheet detailing the ratings from each guest. When a guest leaves a category blank, the number of ratings at each level (five stars, four stars, etc.) in that category remain the same as before the review; it doesn’t default to a low rating. I don’t believe there is a zero rating. I believe that the only category they have to rate is Overall Experience.

I have 201 reviews. For accuracy: 174 five stars, 21 four stars, 3 three stars. Three reviewers left the accuracy category blank. I got feedback for some of the less than five star reviewers. I asked one who gave me four stars for accuracy and for location how we could provide a five star experience across the board. He responded that there was nothing I could do; it was just that my house wasn’t closer to the beach. On my listing I state how far we are from the beach in miles and kilometers and how long it takes to get to the beach, by bicycle, by bus, driving and walking. One guest left feedback that there was nothing I could do; pictures usually make a room look smaller. One of my pictures of the room has a caption stating the dimensions. I just received a four star accuracy rating. The guest said that it was because one of the photos state that I offer muffins for breakfast and she wasn’t offered any. I show the guests where the muffins are in the freezer and tell them that they can warm them in the microwave. Apparently, she wanted to be served. In my view, the accuracy rating is second only to the location rating in being so subjective that guests abuse it.

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