Accidentally hilarious compliance

We request on checkout that guests “Turn lights and appliances off” before leaving. What we mean is turning off TVs, portable heaters, ovens, ect… This poor sweet gal turned off the fridge!! :rofl:

Have you had any harmlessly funny incidents from a guest misunderstanding instructions? We told the gal we appreciated her following the checkout instructions and didn’t point out that wasn’t what we meant. I guess the interpretation makes sense!


Do you mean to say she left the water heater ON??

And, if there’s a garbage disposal was that also left ON – takes a second to pull the plug?

The furnace and/or AC?

Wi-Fi . . . left ON??

Guests just don’t read these days.

I hope you point this out in your review of her as a guest.


Didn’t even call the power company to disconnect the utilities when checking out… 0 STAR GUEST! :roll_eyes::rofl:



Plus this was NOT a list of cleaning chores.

Just a simple task to turn off all those vampire always-on appliances.

I hope she had the common sense to remove the batteries from all the remotes, AND the smart locks and keypads. Like you, I don’t ask guests to put tape on the leads where the batteries connect. Just removing the batteries will prevent the senseless drain and inevitable corrosion.

Do they live in a barn???

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Was it on this forum where a host had an overly zealous “energy aware” guest unplug the mini-fridge in her room, which she wasn’t using, causing it to defrost and leak all over the floor and the inside to get all funky?


Yes it was!

May I say that 'WE" have the best guests?!

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OMG. I’m fairly certain I saw that. We’re incredibly lucky that it was during winter so the fridge didn’t fully defrost (& housekeeping was on the way at the time) but I can’t imagine the nightmare if there was food or if it was left in summer :scream:

I have the same rules on mine and I do occasionally get someone who unplugs everything.

What I find funny is that I have to ask people to shut the front door of their STR and the front door to the home. (Can you believe people leave a space with the doors wide open).

But what’s really runny is when they shut every single door in the STR space.


It’s always so curious to see which checkout instruction will get accidentally overdone/done wrong out of purely good intentions. You just have to laugh! The bizarre world of STR can get you some of the craziest stories, I swear…

Or if you have no check-out instructions, like me for my private room listing, it’s all over the map. Some guests strip the bed, leaving the bedding in a ball on the bed or floor, some strip it and leave it neatly folded, some just leave it as is, and one of my guests remade the bed perfectly, hospital corners and all (much better bedmaking than I do), as if I wouldn’t be putting on clean bedding for the next guest.


As we say down here in the South:
‘Bless her heart’…