Accessing old calendars on airbnb?

I have noticed that my “suggested” pricing on airbnb seems to be pretty low, but I can’t really remember what my prices were last year.

I have tried accessing my old calendars but they only seem to go back a couple of months.

I can access old bookings but this doesn’t really paint a picture and it would be painstaking to pick apart every old booking. I would think there would be some way to see historical pricing or access old months of calendars to see what your pricing was a year ago.

The Airbnb price tips are laughable.
Can you not look back at previous payouts to remind yourself of your previous rates?

You can go to “earnings” to view your monthly income for a specific time frame. I think you can go back a few years.

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I can look at previous payouts but the prices are all over the place. As dates approach I will lower my prices to fill spots. It would be a lot better to just see a monthly view and what prices were paid on what days so I can get a better idea of what I was charging.

Indeed this gives me an idea for how much I made on any given month, but while I am trying to set prices, its a bit difficult to guage.

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I keep all of that in a spreadsheet I created. I start a new spreadsheet (or a new page) each year.

How about clicking on a completed reservation from last year or two years ago and looking at the nighly rate for that guest?

i have done that, but it would be so nice to just see how much i sold each night for on a monthly calendar view. i was hoping there would be some way to go back and look but it seems there is no way to see your old calendars.

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I think the better option for setting prices (this is how I do it) is to open a private broker window and search for your area in the Airbnb website and see what the pricing is for your type of STR and be comparable.

I often will use the price filter and see how low I would have to go to show up higher in the results. I never go with the lowest rate.

I know I raised my rates and cleaning fee since I reopened and for the most part I’m getting at least $20 a night more and I’m still on of the most affordable STR in the area.

(Per my opinion - never go too low or the types of guests booking will not be desirable. I’ve learned my sweet spot for each season. At a certain point, I would prefer my place to be empty than to get these types of guests.)

You can go back. It’s tedious but pretty simple. I have no idea if you can do it on the app or not but here’s how to do it on the website:

Start on your calendar page and click up there on the top right corner and the box will open and look like this (I cropped the page so the guest names wouldn’t show):

So then click on the choice at the top which is April 2022 in my photo and click Apply.

And then click on that box again after your page updates to April 2022. And it’s like this:

So, now click on the choice at the top again, which is now January 2022 in my pic and click Apply.

And then, you guessed it, just keep repeating this process until you get to the month and year you want to see.

I only went as far back as April 2020 for these examples, but I have recently gone all the way back to 2018, so you just have to keep going back by repeating the steps.

Look at how sad April 2020 was! No guest names to crop out :frowning: I had almost forgotten.

And you’ll be able to scroll back and forth as long as you don’t refresh the page. And, likewise, if you want to get back right away to the current month then you can just refresh the page.

Even though you can access your old calendars, they look the same as the current calendars: dates that are booked are noted as a total payout amount, not a nightly rate. You can only see nightly rates on the calendar of dates that weren’t booked. However, once you’re on the calendar for the month and year you want, you can click on a reservation and then look at the price breakdown for the nightly rates.


THANK YOU!!! that is very helpful indeed


wow, what a pain in the butt. but it works, so hats off to you.

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