Access to my acct

This is the third time I have tried to post this!!! Don’t know why it hasn’t input. Hopefully third time lucky/

We were scammed, airbnb sorted it and asked for a new password. Since then can not access acct, despite numerous temp pass words from airbnb.

Going on since last Thursday and still not resolved. Already lost one £600+ booking.
Any help appreciated.

It’s posted twice that I’ve seen. But no one seems to know the answer.

Maybe try the actual AirBB community forum or keep calling customer service

Whichever way, it’s very unlikely that anyone here could help.

I saw this posted earlier under a different title. We aren’t Airbnb, “just” a bunch of Hosts who commiserate, so we can’t really help except to say “Don’t give up hope”.

@GentleHart what did Airbnb say about this when you called them back last Thursday?

How did you lose the booking?

As others have mentioned I am not sure what help you think we can provide. This is a technical issue and only Airbnb can help you resolve this. If they are not helping when you call them then try them on their social media.

Thanks for the responses and apologies for multiple posts!

I posted on the forum in the hope that maybe another host had had similar problems and could maybe give me a steer to resolving it.

Good idea re social media, thank you. I will keep it in mind if it goes on and on!

I lost the booking as the potential guest didn’t get a response from me and despite airbnb messaging her about the problem, she bailed out after the 24 hour timescale. However I then persuaded airbnb to give me her tel no. And have managed to keep her on the end of a hook. I just hope that when this issue gets resolved, I’ll be able to reel her in and land a booking!