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Academic Survey (3x50$ Amazon gift cards)

Dear Airbnb hosts,

Recently I invited you to participate in a survey about entry barriers to the Airbnb platform from a host’s view. I am looking for more participants to reach the required number of responses. As a special thank you, we will raffle three Amazon gift cards worth 50$ each among all participants.

I thank you for devoting 6 minutes of your time to this survey:


All of your responses are anonymous. In case of any uncertainties, questions or feedback about the survey, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you in advance for providing this important feedback.

Best regards,
Evgheni Croitor
Institute for Information Systems and E-Services
Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany

Just as an fyi, some of those questions translate to English awkwardly. So if I didn’t really quite understand the intent of the question I just chose the center button. I look forward to reading the results.

I agree with KKC that some of the questions are not very clear in English. I also think that the survey did not cover some of the key areas for lack of satisfaction with Airbnb (customer service, procedures related to cancellations by guests or hosts, procedures related to complaints, rating system used by guests, etc.)

So I’m finding the survey quite strange. There’s really only four questions with three ways of asking the same question? Is this some sort of psychological study? Or does it not translate logically?
Just my thoughts. I’m passing

LOL. This “survey” is hilarious. The questions are mostly irrelevant to airbnb and are duplicated, with slight word changes, in many cases. I hit “strongly disagree” for everything (my true answers) and then I got to q. 12:

12. Paying attention and reading carefully is critical, if you are paying attention please choose strongly disagree (left button).

So I chose “strongly agree”, of course :smile:

It’s quite an interesting survey in it’s way. I think it’s a survey on people doing surveys, actually!


I do a lot of surveys and they do repeat questions to see if people are consistent and to cope with different words meaning different things to different people.

They aren’t interested in that topic. They aren’t saying what they are interested in but it mostly seems to be centered around “does Airbnb’s platform make it difficult to become a host?” That’s laughable of course. Getting started on the platform is, if anything, too easy.

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True. But this is WAY over the top. Plus the mid-way question “are you paying attention” is…interesting. But maybe that’s how “surveys” work these days. It’s been a while since I was involved in that line of work. Everyone and his dog seems to count a crappy survey as “research” these days. No wonder people don’t believe anything anymore and just cry “fake news!” whenever confronted with actual facts that contradict their opinion.

Yes that’s exactly how they work these days.

I know, that some questions sound bad and unsuitable for Airbnb platform. This is because the measurement scale is generic for multiple platform contexts (and was adopted for Airbnb context).
Topic of my research are entry barriers to digital platforms from a host’s/developer’s/seller’s view.

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Basic problem with the age demographic question. My age was listed as the last number in one choice AND the firs number in the next choice…all choices should be mutually exclusive…I remember that from my EMBA marketing class and final exam…

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@Militaryhorsegal: yes, this was a case in the last option :open_mouth:
Thanks for pointing out the typo :slight_smile:

Hey @evgheni, I mocked your survey before. My apologies. I understand the need to have a generic scale. I completed it. All the best with your research.

OK, so who got an amazon voucher then?






I didn’t. But then again, I didn’t do this survey. I did a different one for which a voucher was promised to every person who did the on phone interview and I had the voucher spent by the next day. :wink:

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I did both. I got the voucher from the phone survey before I was even off the phone. This one I have not heard back from in any way beyond here.

i’m still trying to reach the intended sample size of 150 participants (another 27 needed).
Hopefully another repost of the survey will suffice.

Kind regards

Increase the payoff to a smaller payout to EACH participant…but be sure you make it retroactive so I am sure to get something, since I already took it.

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