Academic research on Airbnb hosting in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia

Hi Australian hosts! I’m an academic researcher in urban planning at the City Futures Research Centre at UNSW Sydney, and am running research project about Airbnb - primarily focused on trying to understand its impact on housing affordability in Sydney and Melbourne. The research is funded by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) - you can find more details by googling Technological Disruptions in Private Housing Markets - the case of Airbnb.

One of the things we’re doing is surveying and interviewing Airbnb hosts in the two cities. We’re keen to understand people’s motivations for becoming hosts, what decisions they’ve made about their property as a result, and what their experience has been like. If you’re interested in participating, please use the link above to start the survey or contact me via email. Interview participants will receive a $50 voucher to compensate for your time (about 30 mins).

Many thanks!
Dr Laura Crommelin

ps. Apologies for posting without flagging with mods first, but I couldn’t work out how to get a message to you privately. Please let me know if there’s any issue with posting the above!

If you’d like to contact me directly to receive some more information about the research, please feel free to email me at laura DOT crommelin AT unsw DOT edu DOT au

Thanks again.

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No worries. I think this post is fine and I did google your name to see if you are legit. I don’t see a link for the study, the forum software blocked you from posting it? We do have some Sydney and Melbourne hosts on the forum, hopefully they will see this.

The email for Dr. Crommelin is:

Thanks Dusty – much appreciated. The forum software did block me from posting the link on the basis that I’m a ‘new user’ – is there a way around this?

Cheers, Laura

Try it again tomorrow. You may be blocked from posting links for 24 hours.

I live just outside Melbourne - postcode 3984. Happy to oblige if that is in your zone. No problem if not.

Not in either city have have turned 4 LTR into STR because I was tired of poor tenancies and going to the tribunal. One tenant took 5 months to get her out.


Thanks – that would be great! Please send me an email directly (address is posted above) and I’ll send you some more details.

hi Laura, I have sent you a message.

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