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About to list my apartment in Chicago

Im about to list my apartment in Chicago (I will also be living there)
anything i should look out for?

I know the golden rule i have found is don’t take long term tenants over 29 days because then it may become a lease agreement

Make sure you’re legal. Start slow, block some days to get your feet wet.

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I would suggest not using Instant Book. Take the time to look over your potential guests rather than blindly accepting anyone who wants to book.


If that is an option… many of us “new” hosts have no choice at all regarding Instant Bookings. Either you use it, or you don’t use this platform. I am quite uncomfortable with this.

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contact your tax office to see what sales & use tax you need to pay

think about providing breakfast. There is a ton of info here on that. It may be nice to at least have some granola bars, coffee, juice.

Carefully consider kitchen use - also a lot about that on this forum.

And as @Maggieroni suggests, once you get a few bookings, block the dates around them until you are comfortable with your price and what you are offering.

Don’t low-ball yourself. Ask a decent price.

Invest in nice linens and towels. White is ideal. You don’t need to spend a ton - shop at discount stores. Provide plenty of towels. I hate showing up at a place and being given one towel - like I’m a child that can’t be trusted. Conversely, at my first Airbnb there was a large basket stuffed with beautiful white towels. I felt valued. MOST guests will NOT take advantage of the towels - but the will be given a feeling of abundance, value, maybe even luxury if there’s a stack of nice clean towels.

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i’m a host in chicago… i suggest getting some bookings soon (maybe start with a low price) before winter hits, usually there’s a big lull in the snowy months. once you get a couple of 5 star reviews, you’ll be booked full during the busy months

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