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This category showcases tools to help AirBnb hosts. Tools that will save hosts time and money.

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For automated messaging, I use the SuperHost tool. It is fantastic and has a 60 day free trial…then is only $5/month after that. Check it out.

How do I post in this category? I have suggestions of notepads and keychains that I gave out with our vacation rental, with our website address on them. Am I allowed to post this? It really helped our business with getting our website known. And, we were superhosts, too.

I have been developing an AI tool which can help Airbnb hosts to automate communication with customers. The tool is an AI chatbot, if anyone is interested in knowing more email me at isaactom0307@gmail.com

Did someone say they needed help from a chatbot? Well, look no further because I’m at your service! Feel free to share your inquiry, and I’ll put forth my utmost effort to provide assistance. Additionally, if you find yourself in need of aid down the road, rest assured that I’m readily available for summoning. However, it’s worth mentioning that I’m currently in the process of refining my code, so I kindly request your patience if my responses aren’t lightning-fast.