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About the How to prevent guest from contacting me after stay category

I am a female host and a guest who stayed only one night keeps calling me on my personal phone after they checked out. I blocked their phone number…Is it possible for AirBnB to block that guest from ever contacting me again via the AirBnB website?

Notify them and they should ban the guy from Airbnb

Please let us know how Airbnb handled this issue.

(I just realized how old this post is so not sure if the issue has been resolved)

What is his excuse for contacting you- does he seem interested in you? If yes, maybe temporarily change your profile picture to one of you with a man. If your profile gives it away that you live alone, maybe add a “we” to give the impression you don’t.

No he wasn’t interested in me he was only interested in trying to stay here again outside of Airbnb. Guests get your phone number when you book to them. Being a woman host is weird - some guests say "how can you do this alone as a woman!: but lately none of them do. Go Hilary!


Don’t accept any guests outside Airbnb. I have heard a lot of bad things happened such as guests refuse to leave your property and make no payment. There is nothing good letting someone you don’t know without a contract nor a background check.


If you’ve blocked them I don’t see how they’re still annoying you…Yes let airbnb know of their harassment too.

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you can block them from ever seeing your listing and thus not being able to comunicate with you. you have to click over their profile picture or something. google how to block someone on airbnb. let me see if i can put links here. https://www.airbnb.com/help/article/2020/how-do-i-report-a-message-or-block-someone-on-airbnb

same thing happened to me. another time I hosted a guy, a psychiatrist, for a few days. he came back from the army because he had one of these tropical illnesses. His own house was rented and he needed to stay somewhere. Only that he was idle, slept during the day, while I was at work and roamed the house at night, drinking. one night he was drunk and he opened my bedroom door. I screamed he wobbled and left. I got dressed, got into the car an drove around the city until dawn. called customer service and reported him and i said that by the time i come back from work i want him gone.

Really strange and fishy that he wants to book outside of airbnb. There seems to be a potential red flag if he wants to bypass airbnb. Airbnb is pretty easy to book with with safeguards for booking guests.

The fact he keeps calling having been turned down is a red flag.

A drunk strange man looking in your bedroom is a recipe for disaster. And I believe you were entirely reasonable to get out. Except it’s your home. In my city, the police would remove him. Again in my city, that is not considered a waste of their resources.

This the primary reason I do not allow alcohol. A guy drinking on his own in his room is a problem. And I can’t defend myself if he gets out of hand. 98 percent are just fine with this.

Slow and steady, Sister.

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