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About taxes in Spain, Andalucia

Hi everyone! I have now spent half of the day trying to google what is the % of airbnb income you have to pay to taxes in Spain (Andalucia), but all I find is everything about this new law and how to register your apartment, but no info about how big the taxes are… :frowning: Anybody knows? I know that in some countries it is 20%

Hi Maria

I don’t have a definitive answer because I am also trying to find this out! However, my understanding is that it is a flat rate of 24.75% but that there is a tax-free allowance of 60% of rental income. I’m going to check this out with my lawyer next week.

Thank you for sharing! This 60% tax-free sounds great :slight_smile:

We use a tax lawyer here in Barcelona, so I am not sure of the specifics. If you want their info I would be more than happy to send it to you via private message.

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