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About new validation of photos function


Today I discovered that some of the photos in my listings have been “validated” blurry, too dark, to light…
My camera is good the photos are good, but have some blurry, dark or light backgrounds. I hope airbnb are not going to go any further with this.


I noticed the same thing on my photos. One of mine was pegged as too dark, and it could be lightened up a little, but another was flagged as blurry, which it is NOT. I’m just ignoring it.


Yes soft focus is kinder to wrinkles on host faces and creases on bed linen. I hope this photo fascism doesn’t become a thing.


I’ve had ones tagged as not good enough quality and they were taken with an SLR by a photography enthusiast. I ignore it.


I had one photo flagged on one of my listings as blurry. Same exact photo on another listing - not flagged.

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