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About Airbnb self catering with onsen


That’s about my trip to Japan, Aso district. I made an appointment to the Self Catering with Onsen long time ago but my booking was cancelled just A FEW DAYS!!! before the trip with only a short notice . When you agree my stay we are entering a mutual agreement. You can’t just cancel my booking with “I don’t want to host you anymore”. Is that a way to treat friends from other places?This really ruined my trip because the date is Saturday and I really can’t find another place in such a short time. I am not mean to say something bad about the host but I think I deserve to give a comment to the host. Since the system not allow me to do I make it here.


Contact AirBnB and make your annoyance plain. I have had guests who ended up at my place because some other host shafted them and AirBnB wanted to make it up to them. One guest even told me that AirBnB ended up paying for them to stay at a hotel for free because no alternative housing could be found for them. You may also take comfort in the fact that if it’s not the host’s first cancellation, the host will be charged a $100 cancellation fee for doing that.

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