ABB wants to meet me!

I got a call yesterday from Airbnb. The women on the line is coming to the city where I host next week and wanted to meet for coffee to discuss being a host - and I suspect to engage hosts to counter anti Airbnb sentiment. I live across the country (it’s a family owned place that we use frequently to check on things). Superhost, have been on the platform as a host for 1.5 yrs / guest for 3.

Has this happened to you?


Ah! The bloom is still on the rose at 1.5 years … :wink:


Yes, it’s happened to me twice.

So what happened? Was it a ‘rally the troops’ to counter possible anti ABB sentiment?

YES. I have had meetings and lunch with the reps out of DC. Embrace the opportunity.

To provide context, I live in Los Angeles, CA. The Los Angeles City Council is considering legislation that would limit all hosts (even hosts who are renting a room in their house and living with the guests for their entire stays) to hosting 180 days per year.

The first time, the representative interviewed me about how and why I came to be an Airbnb host. She also asked for details of how hosting has benefited me and my community. She asked if it would be okay to share my story and if I would speak at a hearing of the Los Angeles City Council.

The second time, the representative was creating a group of hosts in our area. The purpose of this group is to mobilize to fight the restrictions on hosting that are being considered by the Los Angeles City Council.

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Aah. Makes sense. My place is in Boston. I have an account on NextDoor and it looks to me that there have been anti ABB forums.

I was called by someone working for AirBNB when they were passing legislation in Chicago. After a few questions, I told the person I was ambivalent since I feel that STRs do hurt long term local renters in this kind of housing market and the call ended fairly quickly.

LOL. No, it’s not. …

I do agree about the STR market taking housing off the market there. My place does not because we need it available to our family. However I know some multi-building owners who put their properties on AirBnB instead of renting.