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ABB - Action required to maintain your China listing?


I received an email this morning with that subject, and the body says this… Hello,
“We’re writing today with an update for hosts who have a listing in China.
Like all businesses operating in China, Airbnb China must comply with local laws and regulations, including privacy and information disclosure laws.
We wish to inform you that, similar to other hospitality companies that do business in China, Airbnb China may disclose your information to Chinese government agencies without further notice to you.
To maintain your listing(s) in China, please indicate your consent by clicking on the button below, and your listing details will remain unchanged.”

So, I am not in China, never been to China… shouldn’t they be able to target these emails to hosts only in China? Or, is this a scam? Confused. Anyone else receive this email?


I’d ignore it. It’s true for China but since you don’t have a China listing, no worries.


Has China taken over your country and you are only now finding out from Airbnb? I’m seeing a SciFi movie here


Can I get my listing to NOT show up in China?

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