** A wonderful result ** to the "Alteration Request" 4 days before stay

I have guests that were booked to show up this Friday. Just got a “request” from them for an “alteration” from this weekend to the last weekend in November.

It is the daughter of our neighbor, we took this booking in July and accepted a two night stay instead of our typical three night.

The house has booked every weekend from April to November so it would have rented - with or without them.

So … I’m wondering …

(1) I have never been allowed to do this to a host went I rented thru VRBO and I have a strict cancellation thru Air. So how is this allowable?

(2) How would you guys have handled this? Its my neighbor’s daughter so I don’t want to be snarky.

I wanted to deny her request to alter, honestly, but didn’t know how Air would handle that. And there is the neighbor factor …

Thoughts? Thx everyone!

I would just absorb the loss. You don’t want drama with your neighbour. Explain that you wouldn’t normally do it, but are doing it as a favour. You don’t want her doing this again.


I think I’m being a bit thick here but I don’t see what the problem is?

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And then she cancels with no penalty!


Cancellation doesn’t apply here. She’s playing the system and Altering the booking; not cancelling and re-booking for a later day. I would accept the alteration with definite words to her and her parents about situation.


Ah, so annoying. This is one of the reasons I lie, frankly, to neighbours or acquaintances/friends of friends when they ask to book. No matter how bad some guests can be, the ones that think they have a "connection’ and so can do what they like - the worst.
You will probably have to suck this one up because it’s neighbours and you don’t want to fall out but in future - don’t do it!!


Exactly Ken, thank you.

That is what bugs me. I have stayed places before and would had to cancel and rebook to do this to someone. Not “alter” a booking.

My husband says “Oh great, come November is she going to “alter” to Spring?” And I agree. Except she will find herself blocked from rebooking and even contacting me then. There will be a mysterious “ABB system glitch” and “I don’t know why you can’t contact me, golly gee …”

There should be limits to this. Within a few weeks, with a reason, I would have been okay but today - 4 days before, no reason given - and I just lost $500+. Gee thanks. Augh.


Oh my goodness, yes. Absolutely!


So if anyone would like to stay in WNC at a beautiful place, it is available from now until 9/12 …


http:// www.airbnb.com/rooms/24131514

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Wondering though … If it hadn’t been my twerpy neighbors … What would you all have done?

I accepted the “alteration” because I felt I didn’t have a choice to say no. And because she would have just canceled and claimed some catastrophe.

I was kind bc it is my neighbor’s kid. (45 year old kid but I digress - age doesn’t equal manners evidently)

But if it had been someone else… Well, I don’t know that I want someone that disrespectful in my house.

Do I have the right, penalty free, to deny? I’m going to call ABB tomorrow but I wonder what my rights even are here.

Yes and frankly I would have probably said something like, “oh sorry we can’t move it to November because my great Uncle’s third cousin from his fourth marriage is going to be using it that weekend. Maybe another time!”

It really is beautiful. Maybe you’ll get a last minute booking.


I might have one of those! Haha! You are great! Thx!

I appreciate it, because I was feeling trapped. If it had been anyone else, I would have said “thanks but no thanks, cancel please, cause that is what you are effectively doing to me”. Nice to know that I have that option in the future!

And thank you for a the kind words! We really love that place!


I agree with Jaquo, life happens, not everything goes as planned. I alter reservations for my guests
regularly, yes it is an inconvenience. I’ve had to altered my travel plans on short notice, and it is a relief when it its met with kindness. I believe remaining flexible is why I have repeat guests year after year & they refer their friends & family.
Who knows, perhaps you will get a last minute booking! Win, win.

I would say no - no matter what.
I would open the dates and if I got a booking it is fine, but I would not take the loss.
Will you get booked this weekend?
what is your cancel policy? If it is a 48 hour policy then she can do whatever she wants.
I rent for $$$$$ and If I am going to lose then it is no as long as it is stated in my contractual terms and on line.


They probably thought they were doing you a favour by booking lol.

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Exactly that happened to me a few weeks ago. The guest had worked out that he would lose money under our moderate policy if he cancelled there and then, so requested an alteration for two weeks later, which I foolishly accepted. He cancelled an hour later.

Still learning.


Absolutely you have the right to reject an alteration request with no penalties. Then they would have to move to cancellation. I would have refused their phoney alteration request anyway. It’s not your fault Airbnb s cancellation policy applies or they chose to alter their plans.

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I would have said they will need to cancel, but if I find someone else to rebook the time, I would be happy to consider a refund in line with the number of days rebooked.


Isn’t the last weekend in November the Thanksgiving Day weekend?

I was going to say that at least you got the guests to pay top-season-rates to stay during a potentially low-season-rate-period. The difference in rates would reduce your loss a bit. So not all money is gone. Sliver of a silver lining, perhaps?

Alas, if it is Thanksgiving weekend, that might not be the case. Gotto hate these Catch22s!

This happened to me three times. The first time I was new, so accepted the alteration and they promptly cancelled and I was left with 0 payout and an empty space during a peak weekend.

The second and third time I got smarter!

I allowed the alteration change but charged them the new stay plus the “non-refundable” portion of their original stay (50% in one case, 100% in the other). I told them I couldn’t fully refund them unless the dates re-booked.