A very special offer

A simple question:
I received a request with questions and remarks where my instinct says that we are not going to have a pleasant relation and heading for problems.
Instead of declining with all the risks that it implies, could I make a “special offer” with a price higher than originally, in order to discourage the candidate-guest?
Any of you already used that strategy, and is it allowed?

I guess itd depend on what the risks were… guest could complain that you are charging them more… discrimination… blah blah blah. Just block out those nights and itll be “not possible” to host them


I don’t believe you can make a “special offer” higher than your regular price.

What risks in declining, as long as you aren’t declining often?? Just Decline with “don’t feel comfortable”… or “not a good fit”. There is no issue with that.

When its before they book, I’ll be frank and let guests know that isn’t going to work. I don’t say anything personal but something like “I don’t think this is going to work out.” or “I don’t think my listing will meet your standards.” I’ve had guests say things like “Interesting. Thanks!” or “Good riddance” etc. It doesn’t seem to turn them off to Airbnb, just my place which is what I’m looking to achieve.


I suspect that you might be able to send a higher offer but it seems like a pretty strange way of behaving.

If the reasons for not wanting the guest are valid, why not just tell them? What are they?

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I have done it, but it’s really kind of useless.

Oh, I thought the agenda was automatically blocked in case of a request made.
I’ll try that. Thanks.

This is probably why KenH was asking whether it was an inquiry, or a request to book. A request to book (RTB) does hold those dates on your calendar until you accept or decline. You’ll see a 24hour countdown clock. (I’m not sure you even have the Special Offer option in a RTB?)

An inquiry just requires a written response; you needn’t accept or decline. Sometimes guests will use an inquiry to ask about amenities, exceptions to house rules, etc. Your reply is all that is necessary. The dates aren’t held in your calendar.

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