A very challenging guest

I have had a guest asking for a full refund after staying 4 nights and not indicating any problems.
I had severe reservations in the first place and should have listened to my gut instinct. No reviews.
Basically he didn’t communicate with me following his booking when I asked if 10 were dining on Christmas Day. I messaged him no response. I started to get worried. I asked who he was coming to my home. I have a no events or parties policy which I waived. He had only booked for 2 guests. I advised him of additional guest charges should anyone else wished to stay. He took great offense and wanted to cancel as he felt I was interrogating him. He was coming to the house for a full cas refund ( I don’t live there as my main residence). I advised he contact Airbnb. When he found out he wasn’t entitled to a full refund he decided to stay. I offered to speak to Airbnb about increasing the refund fully. He wanted to stay. He left without any issue. However 2 good bowls missing ( part of a set) wine stains on throws he washed dog in bath as pet hairs found there. There was a crack in a wall in spare bedroom. Additional beds appear to have been used ( he wasn’t charged for extra people). I tried to make House as special as possible- hamper left wood for fire extra plates glasses cutlery etc.
I did overreact I will admit it but 2 items of furniture was missing and not where I left them and in my panic I messaged him as I thought they had been stolen that I might have to contact the police - I know stupid. I found them in a cupboard- the last place I thought they would be. My mistake and I apologised. He now wants a full refund as I ruined his Christmas. He left on the 27 th and got a late check out. I am refusing to refund and wonder what others think about this situation I find myself in.

Hello Barbara,

The longer you host, the greater the probability that you will run in to a nitwit.

It’s clear that your guest is scamming you. He is manipulative and disingenuous. Basically he wants you to pay for his Christmas festivities.

By now you have customer service and quite possibly a case manager involved. By all means escalate it if you need to, but keep them up to date with the developments. More and more, CS is standing by the host. But if they don’t, keep pressing them.

I am sorry that your lessons are being learned so harshly. It’s nothing personal; they’re just jerks. And they often prey on newbies, as they do in many professions.



DO NOT – under and circumstances – refund a cent to this jerk. You already went 'way overboard to give him a nice holiday, and now he wants you to pay for it? Bull ‘pucky’!!!

If you place was so bad that he wants a full refund, he dang sure should have left after the first night!


In addition to NO REFUND I would charge him for the actual number of people that stayed (if you can’t tell then get a camera for the future) missing and damaged items as well as request to use the deposit or Host Guarantee for the repair to the wall he damaged. You may only get a pittance from Airbnb and nothing from the Guest but maybe get something for your mess.


In my experience a good guest if asked to confirm that everything is as arranged and booked will have no problem reassuring you of that. In fact they will be keen to do so. However stains, broken minor items, dog hairs in the bathtub and other mess are all part of being a host unfortunately. If you have sent messages which you wish you hadn’t then fair enough. I doubt though that you “ruined his Christmas”. This has even become a meme on social media, the relative or host who “ruins Xmas” or Thanksgiving by expecting guests or family to behave themselves. Hold fast and look forward to 2019, it can only get better, right?


Dog hairs in the bathtub? Oh for crying out loud.

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