A sex worker rented our space, kicked her out, now not sure if I want to keep hosting

I have used AirBNB as a guest for several years and after I made a job change this summer, my husband and I decided to start our own AirBNB property. We have had it for just over 4 months, and overall have had pleasant experiences with all of our guests - until last night. The space is a “studio apartment” in the downstairs of our home. I got a same day booking yesterday for 2 nights stating that she was visiting Nashville with her boyfriend and she was looking forward to her visit in my city. She didn’t have any reviews, but 60% of our guests are first timers, and they’ve all been pretty great. Long story short, the car she arrived in left and another car showed up. And then after that one left, the boyfriend pulled into the driveway and then left without getting out of the car. A few minutes later, another different car pulled up. We met her in between this and she was unkempt, to put it nicely. We heard “activity” downstairs, I messaged her and told her unregistered guests were not allowed and to let me know who was visiting her. I called AirBNB and let them I would be asking the guest to leave the property and that I would involve the police. Called the police and they accompanied me as I requested her and her “John” to leave. They went quietly - didn’t dispute anything. There were visible bodily fluids on the bedding. Obviously, the space will be deep cleaned, and I expect AirBNB to cover this as well as reimburse for all new linens, etc. (My case manager is supposed to call me around lunch time today.)

We feel so violated, disgusted and betrayed. Our home is our haven and we have put so much into our home. We live in a very safe, residential neighborhood - I would never have thought something like this would happen! We have several bookings between now and July - I don’t know what to do b/c I never want something remotely like this to happen again and I know I can’t be guaranteed that. It gives me the creeps and makes me feel unsafe. Especially, for times when we aren’t here. What would you all do? I am starting a new job in a month, and we were planning on using the airbnb money to pay off school loans, but I just don’t know if I can go on as a host after this…

Depending on your location, you might wish to remove this option, and require a day or two notice for bookings. If, like @KKC your location often would have last minute bookings, then I am not sure how you can reduce your risk much more.


Yes, I removed that last night. We’ve only gotten 2-3 same day bookings, so I won’t be taking much of a hit. I just feel so … dirty and hurt … like they tarnished my home.

It’s your home and your feelings are your feelings. It’s not my place to tell you that those feelings are unreasonable. However, honoring the rest of your bookings and have great experiences with new guests should go a long way towards putting this in the rear view mirror.

It’s a little surprising that a sex worker would choose a home with the host on premises. Is your listing clear on this? I’d get a camera on the doorway of your studio or a video doorbell. Feature it prominently in your listing as a “security feature” that benefits the guest. It will deter bookings of this sort in the future. And if something similar happens again you’ll have video evidence if you need it.

Again, not to demean your feelings but these fluids are the same as any married monogamous but amorous couple’s would be. Are you going to replace all linens every time you see evidence a couple has had sex?

There have been others posting here about sex workers using Airbnbs. I’m not sure there is any common denominator. Even people who live in another room in the same home complain of guests bringing in strangers for sex.


I have same day bookings until 8pm and instant book. It’s a room attached to my house but with a separate entrance. I’ve had over 300 guests/3.5 years and no sex workers, unregistered guests, weird or loud goings on in the room. I haven’t even had any excessive body fluids on the linens. Edit: Airhostforum jinx. I had my first unregistered, unpaid 7.5 hours overnight guest stay with the paid guest Feb 2018. He paid the next day when I submitted the charge request. I don’t think the guest was a sex worker.

I wish I knew how I’ve gotten so lucky so I could share with others.


We do have a security camera, and will now add a picture of it to the listing. The listing states that we live upstairs and share the backyard and laundry room. I was really surprised as well - very dumb on their part. As far as bodily fluids - big difference is that this was illegal activity and typically sex workers carry many more venereal diseases than non-sex workers.

We’ll see how everything goes with AirBNB an ego from there…

Gaaaads, I am so sorry and I understand your feelings.

I am not sure how you can avoid this situation in future guests. Are you able to vet them a little? Ask the purpose of their visit? If you are on IB, go off NOW!!! Seems like we have been hearing a lot about this lately.

The chances that your future reservations are also sex workers are slim to none.

A few ideas occur to me…

—add to your house rules (possibly) the space is NOT to be used for hookups or sex work, and those found to be in violation will be asked to leave immediately, with no refund and with a police escort. (Although stating this telegraphs to future guests that you’ve had issues, so not sure here.)

—upon check in, ask for ID and take a photo of it. This is done at every hotel…well except for the No tell places! :laughing:

—Raise the rates a little to exceed what the local sex den charges.

—install exterior cameras and disclose this in the listing. Exterior cameras in place for your security.

—sage the place to cleanse out the sleazy vibes…

Or… call Airbnb and just tell them you are done and you need the future reservations canceled immediately without penalty.


Did the text of your listing mention the camera? Not that they read it…LOL.

I don’t have the same feelings about the legalization/illegalization of sex that you do. I’m just trying to be rational. STI’s are transmitted via sexual contact. If you just wash the linens in detergent and hot water they will be fine.

Perhaps as Kona suggests a ritual like sage burning (or exorcism LOL) will help you heal. Or if you insist on getting rid of the linens you could burn them in a bonfire.

[quote=“ah2006, post:6, topic:19405”]
typically sex workers carry many more venereal diseases than non-sex workers.

I understand your feelings but this not quite a fair generalization to make. That said, I wouldn’t blame you if you burned the linens and mattress itself. Just because the vibes are so sleazy. :weary:


Just to set your mind at rest HIV and other sexually transmitted disease can’t be transferred through bed linens.


I know that, and that’s not the point of this post. The point is that there was illegal activity going on in my home and the guest was bringing in multiple strangers to complete illegal activity and we have suspicions that drugs were involved as well. This is our private home - not a brothel. What people want to do is their business, but don’t do break house rules and carry out illegal activity in my home.


I like the exorcism idea :wink:

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Please don’t snap at people trying to help you.

You were the one who expressed concerns about your bed linens because of transmission of sexual diseases.

To reassure you, I just pointed out you can’t get HIV or other sexual diseases from linens.

Personally I feel sorry for women and men forced to take part in the sex industry (either under duress or because they have a drug habit).


‘Sex work’ is not illegal, nor is sex with even multiple people of any gender; time between partners is not a deciding factor. Perhaps in your area prostitution is a crime, but I think you are not sure if it was - and extrapolating woman/male visitor/leaving of visitor/guest looking disheveled/arrival of another male to mean prostitute might be a stretch.

I vote for Kona’s idea of burning all the bedding, and that further, that setting fire to the room or even the house to give you a clean sanitary area to start over seems best. If you can catch the woman, a scarlet letter painted on her forehead before burning HER on a stake at midnight will make a nice festive touch, especially if the letter is scarlet.


@Rolf I nearly spat out my G&T :slight_smile:


I feel the same - I hate that women are in these positions in the first place and realize that the majority of the time, this wasn’t their choice. We’re not mad at her - mad at her pimp and the johns that stopped by.

I wasn’t so concerned about the linens d/t transmission of the disease, just the terrible, sleazy energy associated with all of this. If this knowingly happened in an airbnb I was staying in, I’d want the host to do what I’m doing - replace everything and do a deep cleaning. So, I’m trying to be the host that I want.

Prostitution is illegal in my city. If she wasn’t engaging in illegal behavior, then I don’t think she would have left as easily as she did. Not to mention that we could hear explicit sex happening and she told me that her boyfriend (aka: pimp) was not there and she was having multiple friends visit separately. She didn’t have an ID on her, she left with 4 bags of Victoria’s Secret lingerie and there were business cards on the table for a porn cinematographer. There were bodily fluids all over the bed - and they weren’t all clear/white. The officer agreed that prostitution was involved.

Like I said, I realize that people have varying views on sex. Do what you want. Just don’t put my home or my family in danger. Go to a skeezy motel instead. I have no desire to harm her … now her pimp …

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These are all great suggestions. Thanks!!

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My issue with the working girls being at my house is with a client going past the house weeks later and seeing lights on, knocking on the door and looking for “service “. I don’t want my house associated with this. I don’t care that this is what she does, just do it somewhere where it is not going to have an ongoing impact.


So, I guess the burning question in MY mind is–and forum users, please feel free to chime in here–what should OP state in a review for this guest? (Guest’s first review) Keeping it PC and PG13 of course!