A problem with a guest

i had someone staying at my place for 5 days, the first night he arrived he didn’t really like the place but he stayed, second day he said he’ll be staying.
after he left, he put a refund request!@
so basically he stayed for 5 nights and made an excuse that he didn’t like the apartment and would like to get a full refund.
of course i declined, but he contacted airbnb resolution center.
my question: is it possible for him to get a refund after the funds have been transferred to my account?
if yes, if i close my bank account that’s associated with airbnb, is there a way for airbnb to collect the money in a different way?

What were his complaints? If it was terribly serious, he would have likely contacted customer support during the stay to end it early.

The fact that you present talking about closing your account to prevent a chargeback makes me just a bit suspicious.

What is the communication you have received from Air?

To answer your final question, the Terms of Service you agreed to provides that they can hire a collection agency at your expense to recover any debt you owe to them. That being said, in a typical situation, they will simply withhold your debt from future booking payouts.

Chances are good, however, that he won’t be refunded for a completed stay, but this will depend on the nature of his complaints and grievances against you. Please fill us in on what they are in order for us to provide some guidance.

thanks for the reply,
it’s actually not that bad, i guess i’m just being a lil paranoid.
i have a strict cancellation policy, and only good reviews ( about 30), so basically he arrived to the apartment, and complained the first night about a weird smell, ( i never had any issues with that before) i told him to try to open the window, then the next night he says that’s it’s probably because he’s very sick so he’s more sensitive.
he didn’t say anything the rest of the days, so i figured that everything’s ok.
after he left ( and stayed the entire time ) he filed a complaint saying that the apartment description weren’t the same as described, he also took a picture of 1 stein in the bedroom, and said that the living conditions were unacceptable ( which is very odd claim, since he stayed the entire time)
do you think he has a case?

Did he state what sort of smell it was? Mold? Restroom odors? Something else?

Not he didn’t.
The first night gut he said there’s a weird smell.
The next night he said it’s ok.
The strange thing is that when I came back to the apartment there was no smell.
So I’m thinking he might have made it up.

I’d say to check your paranoia at the door until you see what happens. IF he gets a refund after staying 5 days (which I don’t believe is possible – IIRC guests have 24 hours to decline to stay the contracted period) THEN I would raise a rucus with Air.

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thanks kenH!
that’s what i’m thinking as well.
what do you mean by : IIRC guests?

“If I remember correctly.”

Yep. If I Remember Correctly, ancient message shorthand dating back the Dark Ages before the Internet, when 300 baud MODEMs were top of the line, and messges took forever to transmit… Yes… I am that old


Glad to see two people suffered the same situation as I did: a guest who stayed several nights before filing a complaint and asking for a refund. AirBnB takes the guest’s story at face value and ignores the facts presented by the host. My guest essentially made up an excuse about my ad “misrepresenting” the apartment, which it in NO WAY did. She stayed 3 nights and on the 4th morning started complaining about the room being too hot (I showed her how to turn off one of the heaters), opening a window that looked out on a bare yard (sorry, no roses in winter), and a short flight of circular stairs (she claimed to have bad balance though she climbed two narrow tenement flights to be with her daughter nearby).
She could have complained the morning after arriving but didnt. She could have complained the second morning but didnt. Third morning the complaints come, and at 4 pm she phones and says she is leaving. Air Bnb believes every word she says and completely disregards what I said. I had collected the money for her 3 week stay but they refunded it and said they’d collect it from my future income. There won’t be any,however; I have delisted my B & B and will no longer use them. This could happen AGAIN, AT ANY TIME, TO ANY HOST. BEWARE. AIR BNB DOES NOT CARE ABOUT HOSTS OR THE FACTS. THERE ARE MORE GUESTS THAN HOSTS AND THEREFORE THEY GET MORE INCOME FROM THEM THAN FROM HOSTS. THAT’S THE STORY, FOLKS. TRY BNB FINDER.COM. OR TRY

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Oh WOW! Lorna, that is rough!!! How dare they!??
I think you are right… we are seeing a trend of Air coddling the guest over the host! Alarming.