A photo was removed from your listing


I tried to upload a picture of my recent guest feedback on my listed and airbnb banned. I receive an email saying this:
"Hi Guillermo,
We noticed on your listing that you provided direct contact information in one or more photos. Just a quick reminder of our guidelines for using Airbnb—we require all communication to be handled on the site before a reservation has taken place to maintain your privacy, help provide customer support, and adhere to the Airbnb Terms of Service. This means that you should not exchange addresses, websites, email addresses, or telephone numbers before booking a reservation. Read more about why it’s best to keep your communication and transactions on our site.
We have gone ahead and removed the following photo from your listing. The next time you are uploading photos to your profile or listing, please avoid selecting photos with contact information on them.
If you wish to add more photos to your listing, you can do so here.

I contacted customer support and they don’t know why they banned it and told me that cannot override the site. Is there a way to edit this picture in order not to get banned?

Is that screenshot you included what they were taking issue with? I’ve heard they have new bots that look for text in pictures - any text will set it off, so I don’t think there’s a way to make that picture work while still retaining the verbiage.

Out of curiosity, why would you include a picture of your reviews on the site that has the actual reviews on the same page?


Thanks Allison, I’ve read a tip that uploading a picture of my best reviews would help my listing.

Maybe the volume of words set it off? I took selected sentences from reviews and put them on each photo. Such as “I would say the bed would be my favorite aspect of my stay. Soooo comfy. Not too soft, not to firm just right.” Catherine May 2017


Maybe, I tried twice without success and I’m worried about continuing by trial and error because It might get penalized by the platform…

Not if they can’t read it. I couldn’t read the screenshot that I put up without difficulty. Of course, my eyes aren’t the best…

Personally I’m sceptical of this “tip”. Hardly anyone seems to do it, and I don’t see why guests can’t read the reviews in the usual place.

That’s a cool idea! I could see using it in the caption if they continue this prohibition of words in photos :slight_smile:

Or instead, it would make you look desperate? It could go both ways.

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