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A New Source of Lucrative Guests! AirBnB for Business Loyalty Program:


As AirBnB hosts we will benefit greatly from a loyalty program for AirBnB for Business travelers!

  • Many business travelers would rather be using AirBnB than stark corporate hotels but there are no rewards points for using AirBnB for Business.

  • Every hotel chain that caters to and receives business travelers has a loyalty program which gives frequent guests a percentage of their stay back, leaving AirBnB for Business lacking next to the competition.

  • AirBnB for Business should be giving travelers that book AirBnB for Business listings 10-20% booking/loyalty credit back on each stay. Business travelers will use this credit to book any AirBnB listing that they choose, increasing earnings for all AirBnB listings.

  • AirBnB has a strategic advantage when business travelers want to redeem their points; The reach, quality and diversity of AirBnB accommodations far exceed those of chain hotels, meaning the business traveler can find accommodations in virtually any city or small town.

Win-Win-Win-Win-Lose Illustration:

  • A business traveler who would normally pay $150/night for a large corporate hotel room pays $120/night for a four night AirBnB for Business accommodation.

  • Before the AirBnB would’ve gone for $80/night during the week without AirBnB for business loyalty credits.

  • The host pockets $96 dollars/night and stays booked on otherwise empty weeknights.

  • The guest earns $96 in AirBnB credit for a four night stay during the week which they spend on any AirBnB they want during the weekend.

  • AirBnB for Business Wins a new customer, the traveler gets to stay where they want and receive loyalty points, the business pays less for employee accommodations, the hosts for other AirBnB listings see increased bookings, the big corporate hotels that are trying to lobby AirBnB out of existence lose a customer. Win, win, win, win, lose!

What does everyone think? Should AirBnB offer a loyalty program to increase our earnings?

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