A little levity to make you smile! ;)

Things are picking up here in Disfunction Junction, and i’m getting quick turns. A (female) chaplain stayed for 4 nights and she really was a gem. She was also extremely busy, working very long hours in a stressful field (bereavement).

When i went to clean her room she left a new Swiffer behind. i get high marks for cleaning, but there’s always something that isn’t perfect.

Well I felt horrid, figuring I’d offended her. So I thanked her for her stay, and asked her if she’d accidentally left it behind (hope. pray. practice mindfulness. rinse. repeat.) and i would send it to her.

She hadn’t time to explain that IT WAS A GIFT! :wink: A swiffer on every floor is massively practical.




But what is, to the uninitiated, a Swiffer?



All about swifters. Best things ever!!!

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Except they do create more trash with their disposable pads, and I am so guilty I have multiple swiffers and use them.


Copycat! :grin::grin::grin:

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I have an industrial swiffer with 2 pads that i just wash afterwards.

Not keen on using the throw away pads, so i’ve improvised with larger rags and construction towels that are reusable.

A very kind gesture.


“Namaste” is a coded way of saying “I do yoga”. It probably also indicates any or all of the following: cats, incense, scented candles, a statue of Buddha or Ganesh and a copy of “Eat, Love, Pray”.


It is a Hindu term for salutations of “bless you” so it can definitely be used passive aggressively. But if it really did literally mean “fuck you” then it sends mixed messages when teachers and students say it to each other when their yoga class has finished.

Wikipedia “sometimes spoken as Namaskar, Namaskaram is a respectful form of greeting in Hindu custom”

But yeah, “fuck you” also works :slight_smile:

Namaste :pray: :japanese_goblin:

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Bahaha, this reminds me how much I detest Julia Roberts and her annoying overacting.

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America’s Sweetheart? How dare you. :japanese_goblin:

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