A little cat dilemma

We had this girl coming over for 2 nights with her boyfriend. After booking she asked to bring her cat. We’re animals free so I asked if it’s a service animal and she said no. However she said she REALLY needs her cat next to her and she’ll bring a liter box as well as the cat will stay in her cage at all times.

I told it will be $75 hoping she’ll say no and she immediately agreed.

She was a good guest overall. Quite and clean BUT the cat hair was all over the place (clearly didn’t stay in the cage), it took me easily 45 minutes to clean the sofa from all the hair by hand and… to top it all she spilled liter on the floor.

Questions is, would you mention it in your review EVEN THOUGH she paid $75 for the extra hassle for the cat’s clean?

I can see both sides here, not sure what’s right…

I would expect to deal with cat hair and litter if hosting a cat.


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Our cat goes crazy in his cage, i would lose my mind and need lots of whiskey if I spent 2 days with a cat in a cage.


No, don’t mention it in the review. That’s not fair after you charged her for it and accepted the animal.


What if it was me charging for an extra (human) guest and he would leave a mess. I would mention it in the review. How a cat is different?

You know, I am getting pretty tired of your argumentative style. Review the guest and mention the cat, fine. Really done commenting on anything you post.