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A host who travels lists their Airbnb hates - now modified to be called "My Pet Peeves"


@AFineHouse, you must be staying in Portland? Come on over to Old Orchard Beach. :slight_smile: 15 min outside of the city, and the parking is plentiful and free.


What is “long life” milk?


@Chloe Do they not have UHT milk in America? It doesn’t taste great but it’s okay if you’ve got nothing else.


Haha yes! We are! My now husband (we got married yesterday), is from Freeport. We got hitched in Freeport town hall. I will ask him about Old Orchard Beach. We love our Airbnb loft other than that. Maine is so beautiful and Portland has fantastic food and drink.


@AFineHouse congratulations on your marriage.


Yes! Congrats on your marriage!

You’re absolutely correct that Portland is a Foodie’s Paradise. I’ve read that Portland, ME has more restaurants per capita than any other city in the country, LOL!

We have a shared home accommodation, but people seem pretty pleased. I will PM you a link to our listings.


If we do, it’s something I’ve never heard of. Interesting though!


I’ve never heard of long life milk but what are your thoughts on powdered creamer? It has a relatively long shelf life and I would consider adding to our pantry per this thread.

I drink black coffee but my husband does not. It actually reminds me that when we do our maintenance at our Airbnb house he never drinks coffee because we don’t provide any creamer. :joy::joy::joy:


I provide powdered creamer if people want it. But our rooms also have small refrigerators, so there I provide fresh half n half too.

When staying away from home, I’ll use the powdered creamer if I have to. It’s better than nothing, as I have not yet mastered drinking my coffee black.


I buy filtered milk for my guest fridge. It lasts about 3 weeks and tastes exactly the same as fresh. So, if I get someone who doesn’t drink milk, as I did recently, it’s still well within date for the next guest.


It is the milk that you buy of the shelf …which is not refrigerated in the store. You can store it forever …more or less.

Also in thise little small tetrapacks …to give to the kids for school. Also is just enough for a bowl cereal in the morning.


And perhaps a good addition to the list …what about the 1 ply toilet paper?


such a good idea for a post, seeing as you are a host. Imagine the replies if you’d written this as a guest!
Shame you got jumped on by the usual suspects, but delighted to see the negative posts have been harvested and binned.
One from my list as a guest: enough teabags for one person to have one cup a day.


As an aside, earlier my post was caught up in the scoop-net of posts being deleted. Apparently it was deleted in error and later reinstated…except for the 6 or so “likes” it received :disappointed_relieved: so I just wanted to thank those of you who found favor at the time in what I had to say.

Sign me sensitive.


I was in the middle of reading your post when the deletions occurred. I thought I was going crazy, ha!


shame on you ! I leave Organic Grass Fed produced Half and Half. -:slight_smile:


I agree with many things, especially calling and check in. Check-in " on time " for me is the worst. I understand they are planning but what about me a traveler . I can’t plan delays or the fact that I can get lost .




Congratulations! Have a very fine rest of your trip in Portland/Maine.


YAY FOR YOU AND YOUR HUBBY! Enjoy this very special time together. I mean, what the heck are you doing here with us, anyway?? :rofl: Just kidding–CONGRATS!

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