A heads up from those peeps without agendas

Like you, I have been closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation, particularly in the US. I prefer science over politics, and for about 3 months am losing sleep over my American friends.

In 50 words or less, I strongly recommend that if you are in any way able to delay opening, do it. It ain’t done yet.

I admit to getting a bit sloppy over the last week. We have our share of deniers and loonies. But of late, I will even be taking my mask out for walking. In brief, this is going to get very scary.

I brought in a new person yesterday who has been closely monitored. But the ones to watch out for are the asymptomatics. You can still be contagious for quite a while. Ongoing protection, and handwashing, are key.

I am sorry if I sound like a fear monger. Many times this forum has been a big help. There is a lot of bs mixed with fact these days, but I would definitely err on the side of caution.


100% on board. You don’t sound at all like a fear-monger- it’s called science. Every place that has “opened back up” sees a resurgence of infections almost right away.
At this point, it’s as if people think that because they are bored of coronavirus and want to get back to normal, the virus suddenly isn’t a threat. It’s so assinine.
I’m not at all tempted to reopen my home-share listing anytime soon. I was never dependent on the income, but I do miss hosting- I get really cool guests who I enjoy, as well as enjoying the whole hosting experience. But not enough to override safety.


Tomorrow my essential workers are checking out. The are the only long term guests that I have let in. (Party because I don’t have a full kitchen and party because I like the one nighters. (One and done.)

I share a front door with my STR and I’ve had to assume that it’s infected and wear a mask when I leave my front door, use wipes on the shared doors (and ask them too). Since any guests that I have seem to cancel a few weeks before they are scheduled to arrive I’m down to 1 guest in July and 1 in September. I suspect both will cancel.

I’ll then raise my prices very high so that if I get booked it’s worth it. I get unemployment (self employed and Airbnb) so my take home is the same if I host or don’t so It will be don’t for me for the long haul.

I’ll miss you guys and reading the great adventures of us Airbnb Hosts.

If I don’t see pickup by spring, I’m downsizing because I don’t want to go into my savings for another year when I can easily sell my house and buy someplace cheaper. Perhaps it’s time. I’ve raise my family here for 26 years .

It’s sad because I saw this as my retirement home with the potential to cover my costs but I do have back up plans.


Something the current incumbents of the White House and Number 10 quite obviously don’t. More’s the pity.



I’m surprised after Number 10 stay at the hospital that his attitude didn’t change.


Well, there are doubts in the UK over who is actually creating policy, given the fact his chief adviser has been caught breaking the lock down rules on more than one occasion.

The UK doesn’t appear to have a clue how to deescalate safely, the state of things are such that our (Spanish) tourism minister has said they won’t be allowing arrivals from the UK until they actually get a grip of things.



I can’t see myself hosting any time soon. The market in my city would need to recover to the point the income is worth the risk. $50 a night for a 1-bedroom isn’t worth it.

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Increase the price to a point that it is worth it. If you get a booking then at least you are getting paid the rate you want.



This is good advice. I would probably have to be charging $300 a night at this point for it to feel worth my while (2x my summer rate). Between covid and a lot going on in my personal life, I just don’t really want to be hosting. At least now I can let my 3-year-old run up and down the hallway without worry about disturbing guests down below.


There is no reason to quit the forum. Do keep us updated on what you decide.


Maybe a long term roommate?


I’ve thought about it but I don’t want people in my space. I’d have to find someone who doesn’t really cook. When I tried to advertise I kept getting couples but I don’t want couples and don’t really want visitors. Also, I make 1/3 less with a roommate.

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You’re exactly right Mandi,
I’m not sure where you are, but here in Australia, covid-19 has been seemingly well handled by the gov - 1000% better than the US, but that’s a low bar. They are beginning to lift restrictions now. But gov action doesn’t change how the virus is spread. I see way too much complacency. Mask use is way down compared to 3 weeks ago. The virus has not changed.


I know exactly what you mean. The screening process is horrendous. And the no show rate is +50%. I do singles only. Because they are working, they are out of my hair 40-50 hours a week. And the good guys pitch in.

The mask thing is another indication of a probable cane toad. Many young people arrived without masks. That’s an automatic no. And that, in a backhanded way, helps you.

Most of my screening is online. But the free service in my city has worked out very well.

Unlike a conventional roommate, these peeps tend to stay in their rooms. They have tvs, Netflix, and semi private baths. I also have a very nice backyard with a fire pit. It’s several cuts above the competition.

But here is an interesting observation. Watch that price. You can test different prices, but I have found that the lower you go, the more nitwits with insane demands.


Now for the update. We have our first guest from the charity. The charity reads people very well. Dude moved in, and has been great. Pushing a 4-5 star. Friendly and down to earth. And helpful. Just what we needed. It has been less than a week, but it seems to be going quite well.

He is having problems adjusting to the quiet!

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About cooking, some people are big cooks. I also cook, in big batches. I am not keen on them using the kitchen. They have a fridge and a microwave in their room. Plus my spices and herbs don’t come cheap.

Some nationalities are really into cooking. The issue is the cleaning.

What I am finding is that if they are working. It’s a lot less to deal with.

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Is nobody going to question you on this? That is, at minimum, an over-generalization. My area, which is a 100k person town which relies heavily on tourism, has seen no significant or consistent change in diagnosis or hospitalizations since opening up restaurants/bars/retail/etc. This is just a personal anectode, but if you look at the numbers, this is a very common situation in thousands of towns across the US.

The doomsdayers warning of killer second waves seem to have been totally off the mark. (Lets not forget the 2.2 MILLION predicted US deaths that was touted all over the place. Where are we now, 110k?)

I also take issue with this idea that there are lots of these “anti-science people”. What really is happening is that the data is garbage (and/or lacking), and as they say, ‘garbage in, garbage out’.

Save your breath, my friend. There is no need to have facts when one has a point of view.

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