A happy post for all

I love this forum and all the advice that it provides. Thanks to everyone who contributes and makes it so successful. I’ve been following it for years and it has helped me immensely from a newbie who didn’t understand the rules (and consistently argued with the excellent advice) up to where I feel I’ve become a seasoned veteran and laugh out loud at some of the issues people post about.

Honestly, if you’re going to put one of your most valuable assets out there for complete strangers to use/abuse please do the prep work. Read the TOS front to back and know what you’re getting into. It’s not just a quick buck and side hustle.

It’s been a really tough year, many folks on here and on other forums are all complaining about the lack of quality guests and their many demands. Too many new hosts, too many new guests, no one follows my rules, hosts and guests don’t read and then leave retaliatory reviews or come here complaining about how they didn’t know this or that or whatever.

I for one (and there are others here that I can think of (@KKC @jaquo @RiverRock for example) that seem to consistently have great guests who are respectful, take care of our homes and leave great reviews. And we don’t have a laundry list of rules. I have not noticed any difference in the quality of guests that have booked with me this year, or over the last six years, and I am very thankful for this additional income being retired.

I think if you have a concise, honest, detailed listing with accurate photos and people know what to expect, then you’re going to be fine. I don’t have any issues with people misunderstanding anything about my listing. My worst guests came in the “honeymoon “ stage but once I understood what was expected, it’s been great. I have made many friends through Airbnb and hope to continue it for several more years.

And this is me, finally having a day off, and breaking into my wine cellar!!:wine_glass::wine_glass:

If it’s rambling and needs to be deleted, someone kindly let me know! :clinking_glasses:


Wait, you have a wine cellar and pugs? I hope you don’t quit hosting before I can get over there and talk you into sharing with me.

Thanks for the nice post. It helps to balance out some of the piss and vinegar that’s been rampant here.


A 450 bottle wine cellar. Not a rookie. And I’m down to 3 pugs, my namesake, Dozer, passed away on 4/20. He picked a good day.


Oh dear. My condolences to all who loved him.

:open_mouth: :yum:

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Thank you @DozerPug ! Hosting is a great thing to do :slight_smile:


I too consider myself very fortunate after almost 10 years as a host. My biggest challenge has been with tightening state regulations, not Airbnb support or the guests. How else could I have met people from over 40 countries and just as many U.S. states? I tell friends and family that we find it hard physically and financially to travel a lot in our later years so we bring the world to us. The money provides a nice cushion for life’s financial surprises, but it is not a cash cow. I’ve slowly learned to not get involved in the threads that insult and criticize other hosts rather offer constructive criticism. Thanks for your positive post.


Oh no!! So sorry for your loss. :crying_cat_face: Bella sends a purr.

Thanks for the happy post. I feel the same way - it’s been an education and it’s been fun.

I’m getting inquiries from newbies, but I get a lot of zero review/new people anyway so that doesn’t bother me. I’m getting more locals, which requires a deft hand, but they’ve been OK.

I miss my international guests and Canadians. They were always a lot of fun.

Today I received an inquiry for a 2nd honeymoon for 8 days (nice!) from a newbie. Wrote back and asked to make sure they understood that I’m here all day so they might not have the privacy they’re looking for!!!


Me too. They were the majority of my off-season guests. Always fun to work with.

November is booked to a CAN couple who were originally booked for April 2020, moved it to April 2021 (hoping), then moved to Nov 2021.

I messaged them yesterday that I hope/want them to visit, however things are a little questionable now. They should keep in mind they have until 10/1 to cancel & receive a refund.

Before anyone gets judgey about the visit being rescheduled 2x:
-April 2020 was a loss for everyone.
-April 2021, I quickly rebooked at a higher price.
-My neighbor/friend/competition has already booked most November long weekends so I feel confident if my guests cancel/reschedule it will be fine.
-BTW the next reschedule would be at my new higher pricing.


I had one come for their first anniversary. He said he was surprising his wife. When he saw my husband’s guitar, they hit it off and he spend most of the weekend playing music with my husband. I wonder if they are still married.


When I was a Human Resources Manager I loved hiring music majors/musicians. They live their lives immersed in music. If you can get them into a job that speaks to their passion, they are wonderful employees. Their skills translate well into programming & accounting —-infinite freedom & creativity within a well defined structure.

The other side of the coin they can get involved to the point of missing something important like an anniversary.


I totally agree, thank you so much for all the advice given on this forum. This is my first post after two years of hosting and I have learned so much.


No judgement from here. We’ve got a fortnight in March 2022 booked, which is actually a third reschedule. Similar scenario, originally booked for March 2020 and been bumped back three times so far due to flight cancellation and raging infection rates here.

I’ve probably communicated with this guest more than I have some friends over the past eighteen months, and I think we’re both looking forward to getting together and castigating our respective government over a few glasses of Oloroso :wine_glass:

It isn’t? I thought this STR gig was easy money :rofl:

And this is the result, often. One of the biggest problems, in my opinion, is actually Airbnb themselves. They’re so desperate to have more hosts to churn that they make it all sound sooooo easy. Ten minutes to sign up and off you go, like lambs to the feckin slaughter.

They create this wonderful warm fuzzy feeling around hosting and, sadly, way too many folks buy in to it and believe all their bullshit. Often these new hosts have never run a business of any description, and many of them simply do not have the personality or strength of character to work within the hospitality sector.

Anyway, sorry to hear about yer wee dug, and just to show off, this is my wine cellar, next door:



Too funny.

My rescheduled guest from 1000 miles away, who I’ve never met in person or actually spoken with, and I are now sharing information about birthdays, her husband’s health, & my Dad’s recent Fall->virtual emergency physician assessment—>emergency department visit (Dad’s fine -was sore for a few days).

Thanks to Delta variant, I’m seeing another postponement coming.

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