A guest whose been banned from Airbnb?

One of my regular guests sent me this article.

Got banned from Airbnb

This is about a guest who has been banned for life from Airbnb. Repeated attempts by him to find out why went unanswered. He tracks this down to leaving reviews for the host on other travel sites.

An interesting read.

Follow the rules, or risk getting shown the door. Guess this proves ABB does look out for hosts.

I can understand those kind of decisions if you’re new, I almost got sucked in myself. But this fellow is a self-described expert user.

I feel for him, actually. If you book a multi-night stay anywhere, you would not be expected to have to get out of the space during the day so the hosts can conduct other business there. That’s completely unreasonable.

And I also agree with him that there should be a system of Due Process when banned. I remember the confusion and hurt that was evident in posts on this forum by hosts that were banned and they didn’t know why and couldn’t get Airbnb to talk to them about it.

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Hi cabin, had your partner recently uploaded ID at Air’s request?

I can see why they do not want to get into a discussion but false hots are not unknown and unless it is very obvious I doubt you would ever know.

I have gone through Background Checks and they need a LOT more info than ABB will have to do a proper job

Fingerprints for a start.

I agree the need to not have all your eggs in the ABB basket.

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Most discriminatory business I can recollect having dealings with.

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But you can’t be sure that that is what it is about? Maybe it’s something else? In any case there should be some way to appeal their decision. It’s a basic tenet in the US, since the McCarthy era, that you have the right to be faced by your accusers. Airbnb seems to set this back.

I think it’s probably a good thing that for either a host or a guest you write your review in the time permitted and use the Airbnb system. Not a good thing if you go on other media badmouthing a guest or host after the Airbnb reviews have been published.

He has to be guessing since Airbnb didn’t tell him.

This is all some crazy stuff like out of a Franz Kafka novel. The Trial or something like that. It’s not right.

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Like eBay, the customer’s always right, even when they are not.

very interesting read indeed…

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