A guest broke off the microwave vent grille Literally tore it off

My most recent guest showed me that the plastic microwave vent grille had fallen off onto her. She wasn’t hurt and seemed fine. However, I realized that the vent grille was screwed on and was literally ripped off. I did have a guest at the same time as her, however, I didn’t get to microwave anything since I came back from working out of town on Friday. I had a guest on Thurs and the guest who showed me the damage definitely didn’t do it. The replacement costs me $50.

All I know is that the Amazon guest from last month left without warning 2 days before and took the bath towel with him. The Thursday guest, I never got to meet in person and he left earlier today. How do I pinpoint who did it?

You can’t really. You can ask but don’t expect anyone to 'fess up. I’m not sure what piece you are describing on the microwave. You must mean you’re going to buy an entire new microwave for $50?

No, this is a microwave that is on top of my oven range. The piece I’m describing is a cover for the exhaust on top of the microwave. I’m glad they didn’t ruin the microwave itself, otherwise it would cost me 200 to 500 to replace.

Sorry. I think you are just out the money but let us know if someone confesses.

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I agree. This sort of thing is wear and tear as far as I’m concerned. If a guest admitted to it and offered to pay I’d certainly accept the money but otherwise wouldn’t be too concerned.

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I empathize - this kind of damage is really frustrating because it’s not always caught right away in the way you might notice stained sheets. Once guests leave the window to claim damage is pretty short. If you have overlapping guests in the same space it’s even harder to prove.

You can either institute a thorough inspection process after each guest or just expect that “broken stuff” will happen and deal with it as it arises.

After someone forced a window in my place (which won’t stay open on its own now) I tried doing the thorough inspection. Not worth it. I was on a path to end up like the time wasting and inept TSA - checking oddball things because one time somebody broke the patio umbrella and the next time it was the bracket on the queen bed. Now I just set aside a little more of my earnings to cover “when did that happen? what were they thinking?!?!” damage.

It’s just a filter piece which should be easy to replace. Check your model number online. I would not want guests to use the mw without the filter as grease can accumulate in the vent ducts and cause a fire.