A griddle instead of a grill?

When I worked at Tractor Supply, a guy came in and bought 3 big Blackstone grills. As I was helping him load them onto his trailer I mentioned that he must really like these to be buying 3 at once. He said he owned an Airbnb community that was comprised of tree houses and that his guests loved the griddle in his 2 biggest units so much that he was trying to buy enough for every treehouse to have their own. I asked him why he thought they were so popular and he said that they were easy to use and that they served multiple meals in that guests loved cooking breakfast on them as well as dinner. I asked about cleanup and he said it was much easier than cleaning the grills he had before. Also, people cooking bacon and eggs outside saved cleanup inside as well. So now that I am gearing up to hopefully get my STR back in the game I’m considering my options. I have a big green egg type grill that is a fun thing, but absolutely has a learning curve. I used to send people a link to a BGE video on using it, but wonder if a griddle might be an easier option.
I need to be clear that in my area, visitors do want a full kitchen and a way to prepare meals. Nightlife is minimal, they spend the day hiking or biking and come back to prepare dinner.

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I don’t know about for Airbnb but for about 15 years I had a propane grill with a flat top. One side had a cast iron grill and the other side was cast iron griddle. I used the grill side more but loved having the griddle as well as the flat top of the unit so that the area was used like a counter on my patio when not grilling. Downside was no cover for the food while cooking.

If this kind of expense is in line with what you offer, give it a try. If guests don’t love it, sell it or move it to your house.


We did move the BGE back to our house when the pandemic started. As our house is right next door it wasn’t too far, but that thing is a beast to move so I don’t think I can convince DH to move it back lol. Blackstone does offer a unit that is grill and griddle that looks like it will be pretty easy to set up and use.

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For some crazy reason, I love infomercials. I don’t buy the items (well sometimes I do—luminess make up).

A few months ago I saw an infomercial for this kind of grill/griddle. I want one. I’m a tractor supply fan.

You may can get cheaper but it may not be as good. (Kind of like the big green egg grill is expensive but it will last forever)

I think it could be a good choice

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Hi, from another Annette! After doing some further research the big 36” model has much better reviews as it has a higher BTU capacity. Having had to wheel the big units around Tractor Supply, I can attest that it is easy to move around so I like that.
We also own an Acorn grill, which is a metal copy of the Kamado style grills. I can easily move that next door so there is a more traditional grilling option. We have used that ourselves and it is a great grill and I have no trouble cleaning it.
PS, how does the Luminesse work? I am so tempted.

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We switched from grill to a Blackstone griddle about two years ago and our guests that want to cook love it. We do NOT offer a full kitchen, so this allows much more cooking possibilities than a grill. We had the “lead chef” for Whole Foods stay with us a week, and he ordered one the second day he was here.


So funny that a chef would book a place that doesn’t offer a full kitchen. Turned into a bus man’s holiday for him I guess as he couldn’t resist trying out something new to cook on. Glad to hear it has worked out for you, I’m kind of excited to try it.

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I love it. It took some practice to use correctly and mix the colors to match my winter vs summer complexion.

I didn’t clean my spray nozzles well so it clogged. $25 to replace so just need to order.

The offerings include a spray moisturizer which does a nice job. Not heavy.