A gentle reminder

This forum is in the public domain, i.e. it is open to all without registration, and as such anything you post here can be seen by all.

On a daily basis there are spammers, scammers, stalkers and various internet weirdos having a look round here, that’s just the way of the internet now. Some may even be members, but the vast majority are likely to have found this forum by way of internet searches and links posted elsewhere.

The mods do a good job rooting out most of the spam, which is why you see so little here, most of it is either hidden or deleted within a short period of time. If you see a spam post, help them out by using the report function at the bottom of posts, just click on the three dots:


You’ll see another menu appear:


Click on the flag item and you’ll get a dialogue box where you can let the mods know why you feel a post is either inappropriate, or is spam:

flag box

You can use this function to alert the mods about any post you feel is an issue, for example if someone posts a link to your listing or posts information about you personally that you would not have shared with the forum, even if that information is in the public domain elsewhere, use this function.

If you receive a PM (Private Message) from another member, and they ask for information that could either identify you, or your listing, and you feel uncomfortable with the request, use the same technique, it’s available for PMs also.

The majority of posters on here are good folks, but it is worth remembering that we have no way of knowing if someone is a genuine host, guest or maybe just your average internet weirdo.

To use the words of the late, great, Michael Conrad:




Thank you John. With all genuine members keeping an eye on this site and flagging where needed, we can all keep this forum a great place to be. :slight_smile:


We have had reports of this and will act on it when reported.



I loved Hill Street Blues. HSB was the first time I noticed my “star crush” Chris Noth. He was such a good looking young man and still handsome.

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Hahaha, glad you edited that, I was just about to ask Mr Google.

Fairly sure we’ve got HSB in its entirety on our media server. Comes under the category of great for a snowed in binge watching session. Oh wait, we don’t get snow here.



I’m always flabbergasted by the personal info some people post on an internet forum. Like their phone number and personal email address. Then they are totally taken by surprise and frantic when some account of theirs gets hacked.


Yes, sometimes folks do post a bit more than they should. That said, what they shouldn’t expect is to make an innocuous post here and than have some internet weirdo start Googling them and subsequently post information the member had no intention of sharing.

It’s all about education, once folks know they need to be a wee bit careful with what they either post or disclose to other members then they can control the narrative, not the weirdo.

That all make sense?


Total sense. 2020202020

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THANK YOU, John, for the timely reminder. Case in point: many years ago I posted a lengthy story about an Airbnb guest who booked my place and then upsold it on her own rental platform. Since she had her own videos, Instagram and news stories easily available online about her company I included her real name in the post. Someone - could have been a user here or a complete rando - copied my story in its entirely including my screen name (although not my real name) and posted it to his weird white nationalist, antisemitism hate blog. It was a shocking reminder that this is NOT a closed forum.