A Dispute with Guest

I had a horrible experience with a guest! I have been hosting for a couple of years now and I am a Super Host. People always ask me how I like hosting and I always respond positively but this guy that just checked out was so rude and derogatory towards me that now I guess i have one horror story to report :frowning: I looked at his other reviews and he only received a couple of negative ones which surprises me to no end!

I edited your post to remove the name.

I’m still looking for the question.

Or at least, the horror story report!

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Yes, we want to know more!

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Sorry my computer died so I could not finish my story!
I was about to leave my house to go to a friends’ art show when i received an instant book. The guest also inquired about my massage therapy services since I state on my profile that I am a certified massage therapist. I told him that I could accommodate him for a massage at 7:00 pm but that I had plans in the evening. He said he would be here at 7pm. As 7:30 approached I messaged him several times and called to leave messages to confirm his arrival with no luck. He showed up around 8pm and discussed my rate of $70/hr and that I was all set up to give him a massage. He wanted to eat first and flirt with me a ton which made me very uncomfortable. After a super long shower he was ready for a massage at 9:30pm. I gave him a 75 minute massage and he left him sleeping on the massage table. The next day he seemed like a completely different person than the previous day! I ignored his bad attitude and went to sit outside while he gathered his things. As he was leaving he said, "Here is $20 for the massage you gave me. It was the worse massage I have ever had and it was only 40 minutes long. He continued to insult my work saying that it wasn’t even worth $20. I just felt so angry at him and myself! Myself for giving up my plans to accommodate him and also for continuing to try to accommodate him after crossing several boundaries I had set with regard to time I had available and my intention for the evening. He did not care. I realize now that he wanted more than a massage and that when he did not get what he want he got angry and became combative. The questions I had were regard to his potential negative review which were answered by the wonderful airbnb representatives. They helped me understand the Review Process more clearly and gave me great feedback as to my performance as a super host. I learned a great deal from the experience and I am so grateful that I reached out instead of letting it ruin my whole day!

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Just my opinion but I think you are best to keep your Airbnb business separate from your massage business, especially with male clients.


What a jerk! He was totally looking for a 1-night “good time” with his Airbnb host.

How do his reviews look? You’re going to mention this in your review of him, right?


Yes. A complete ass. He ripped you off too. I would ask for the $50 through the res center? I mean he will deny it of course but at least you can say you tried.

Live and learn. Maggie is right. Don’t mix these two things. Gets just a little too intimate that way. Yes the guy was expecting a happy ending. Gross.

That’s why there’s Craigslist casual encounters section. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grimacing::sunglasses:


I agree. Try to recover your additional services through Air.

At the very least they’ll be warned what this guy is trying to get away with.


This might be a stretch/overkill, but I wonder if it’s worth reporting him to Airbnb for sexual harassment.

I’m not sure of it though, because all that happened as part of the massage side-business which is not central to the Airbnb hosting thing. But still, want to throw this out there so people can discuss.


That’s a tricky situation. In future I’d suggest setting a formal appointment time, and not allowing him to consider it’s is anything but a professional appointment.
In hindsight, the flirting was a red flag. Setting boundaries and sticking to them, is critical when dealing with guests and patients/clients.
I’d wait til last minute to review him.


Yes, and when he showed up an hour late and then when he was ready for his 7:00 appointment at 9:30, cancel his appointment and get on with your original plans and charge him a “no-show” fee for your trouble.


It is funny, because Airbnb is pushing the whole “experiences” thing - (really tired of seeing the guy with the wolf on my homepage, by the way) - but this is the kind of experience (a professional massage) that I think is RIPE for misinterpretation. In hindsight, I would have NOT allowed him to get a message 2.5 hours past his appointment time. Even taking a same day booking for both accommodation and massage. Big red flags. Everything is 20.20 in hindsight, of course. I would tell Airbnb about his treatment of you, for sure.


Plus, where was he based?, if he was in the same town, massive red flag!


As others have said, I would also disconnect the massage service from your AirBnB.
Or at least not mention it in your AirBnB profile, but publicize it onsite.