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A call for help! (Airbnb Experiences)


@Jens_Madsen I see that you’ve already been told that you categorically do not have to be a host to list an experience so that’s good! I hope you get this sorted. There are many good wordsmiths on here so do come back and ask for opinions on your final text.

I was a bit sceptical about the whole “experiences” thing when it first started. But I see that it’s really taken off. There are some great ones in my city that are very popular and have over hundred reviews. It was one of Airbnb’s better ideas!


Try changing your title like someone suggested. That might be why you were rejected. You can also try Vacason-com if you haven’t tried it yet. I think they have Experiences too, in addition to homes.


@Jens_Madsen, as some others have sort of mentioned, part of the problem seems to be in your description of what you want to offer. It sounds like you are offering the “service” of taking vacation photos for people and, in essence, selling them the photos.

Instead, while showing off the local sights, teach/give your guests pointers on how to take their own photos that will make them look like mysterious, romantic travelers. This is more “experience” and less “service”.


I just got back from NYC and did two Airbnb experiences. They were delightful and intimate (small) with people who did a great job. One was a tour of the catacombs and church of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral and the other was a tour of Little Italy by a former NYC detective who told us all about the days of the mob. I agree with @Magwitch experiences was a GREAT idea. But these are offered on other sites, too, so really the only difference is what platform you are familiar with.


Hi back again!
Just to review what has happened since last time.
Talked with the support and they wanted me to remove my note on that if the customers want the experience for themselves they need to book all 5 slots. Stupid miss on my side, since this actually broke the terms somehow.
Anyway got the answer to just remove this and submit it again.
But once again I got the experience declined to be more of a “service”.

I have found a couple of other tours and also just pure photo shoots in Tokyo and other cities around the world. Not really getting the idea of why they hate the one I submitted so much.
Already submitted 3 different versions/ideas from my hours of research, writing, tweaking.
My head is really confused and still a bit sad.

Anyways still keeping my hope up!
Wrote back to the support now again to see what I can do to make this an Airbnb Experience.

Thank you all soo much for your great ideas and caring here on the Airhost Forum!
Now for some more tinkering, I’m still preparing for the worst that this will be declined again, and still not really happy my writings. Reading it myself it doesn’t sound as fun as I know it will be!

So to introduce myself, I’m a guide and also a photographer working here in Kyoto, but since my biggest interest and passion lies within the photography and art.
I’m deeply passionate about showing people the places I discovered here in Kyoto these past years until now.
I want to take people around while having some fun together exploring and me snapping photos of my dear visitors.
I want to make this tour the best, and most flexible also and will also put in a lot of work in the photos
even after the experience finished, I’ll spend a lot of time editing and retouching the images afterwards too.
I’m not too interested in teaching photography with this experience but I have thought about making a photo tour of the best locations in Kyoto also teaching it in one of my future hosting experience.
But for this one, I just want to keep it to normal people who just want great memories while exploring.
Main is not History, but culture, food, nature, temples, shrines and great photos!!
I wrote Arashiyama in my description but to be honest I want to make it the whole Kyoto!
Kyoto is way more than just only Arashiyama, I want to adapt it for the guests needs.
I only want about 4 to 6 guests for the experience to be as personable as possible with as much fun at the same time.

Sorry for my wall of text, but really frustrated here >.<
Anyone got any ideas of what I am still missing in my text I originally posted?

Maybe it would be better if I tinker out another text and post it here for your amazing suggestions and possible corrections?


Maybe it would be better if you contact others hosting experiences in Tokyo and asked them for their advice…

As you know we are a forum of hosts who provide each other with help and advice.

Rather than a forum for those wanted to set up experiences.

We are not experts or even amateurs in the business you are looking to set up.

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