A big chunk of random days was blocked on my calendar for no reason

A big chunk of normally open days, not all of them, but many, just showed up as blocked when I took a routine look at my calendar. Has anyone else seen anything like this? I didn’t block any of them. For example, all of March was blocked except for the 9th and 10th. And no, there is nothing special whatsoever about the 9th and 10th. The whole month should be open - I’m open 3 months ahead, but I don’t have any bookings for March yet.

Airbnb and their software are erratic enough to deal with. They seem to be getting flakier. I’m now going to spend a few minutes manually unblocking my calendar. Yay.

Hi Faheem,

The same thing just happened to me moments ago. It was also random dates and not all unbooked dates.

Unfortunately I don’t have any explanation but would just speculate also that there is something going on with their software. Just wanted to share that you weren’t the only one experiencing this!

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I just noticed that, too. I am new to this and have a place available beginning February 1st. Just logged on and found all of February, April, and May were blocked. I just reset everything as I had originally intended. Would love to hear an explanation if anyone comes by one.

Thanks for the heads up…same with mine. I unblocked them manually by month. Even changing to available 12 months from now didn’t fix it.

@faheem Thank you so much for the head’s up. All those dates were avail be 3 hours ago when I last checked my calendar. Someone really screwed up with that software push. I have opened my dates. I view this as a window of opportunity. How long will it be before casual hosts notice that they have no open dates? In the meantime, people can book me!

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Funny I had the exact same thought! But I checked some of my competitors and their listings were showing.

Looks like it affected my views today

I had a similar but opposite situation today. I have my calendar set to 3 months open. I received an instant book for mid May. Not sure how that could have happened, I quickly checked my calendar and it had mysteriously been changed to 6 months out. I’ve changed it back, but it was fairly annoying as I lost out on some income. The guest booked a bunch of days I would have increased the price on - graduation week.

It’s probably worthwhile to raise prices on any time periods of high demand in case something similar happens again.

Thanks, I think I’ll spend some time doing that tonight. I just started hosting (one whole month now, so basically I’m a pro, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) And have been spending most of my extra time on my flat - little upgrades/changes guests have suggested. I’m finding the calendar isn’t as self-sufficient as I’d hoped.

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Glad to see I’m not the only one with that on my calendar, but its on my sync’d google calendar, but when I searched for my house for the dates that I know I do not have a booking, it did show up, so it seems like its not the airbnb calendar. Am I right? Or do I need to keep an eye open on airbnb calendar, too?

Hi everybody,
I also had all available dates blocked from April until August :frowning:

I just have to thank you again for pointing this out, @faheem. I just got a two night booking from a repeat guest that I might not have gotten if I hadn’t reopened all my dates.

Thanks for the heads up. I checked mine and it’s okay - thank goodness :slight_smile:
So the problem isn’t site-wide.

Given Airbnb’s stellar record of quality control, IB poses certain risks, as you’ve discovered. For IB to be usable, you need to be able to trust the underlying service to behave sanely. And communicate with you - the user - when changes happen.