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90 day restriction for Airbnb hosting in Montgomery County, Maryland


Is Airbnb aware of the new restriction places on hosting?

I need guidance from Airbnb - what happens to my already booked reservations? I have 95 days booked between July 1st and the end of the year. I will already have hosted 155 before July 1st. Does Airbnb have any advise?
Others have commented on the taxes - they don’t seem prohibitive. It is the 90 day hosting limit. I can’t afford to host only 1/3 of the time.


We are not Airbnb. We are a forum of hosts. This restriction has been in place awhile now and I’m sure Airbnb is aware of it.

Please contact Airbnb for help.

Then don’t. Airbnb can’t do anything about it and your county doesn’t care.


The article says it was amended to 120 days. I would just proceed as before, get the permit pay the taxes and not worry about how many days I bet they will not either as long as they get the cut.



I stayed with a Silver Spring MD host 2.5 years ago and Montgomery County is enforcing the law. She stopped hosting.


Raise your prices and you might be able to afford to continue to host. Competition just got cut dramatically.


Got it! Uber fought for its drivers and ride-share business, just wanted to know if AirBnB will do the same?


Airbnb has been fighting governments all over the world for years. What is it that you want them to do now in MoCo?


Thing is, STR was illegal and they made it legal and put limits on it. You are late to the party. The fight is over there for now I think and Airbnb won a partial victory. I’m not an expert though, all I know was from talking with the host I stayed with and I don’t live there.


And a good point is that this is not a ‘90 day restriction for Airbnb hosting’ but a ‘90 day restriction on STR hosting’.

I find it irritating that Airbnb has become a blanket term for STR.


I got my answer. Thanks


Good Points. Thanks for the conversation. I love AirBnB. Indeed they made STS’s legal and so many of us are Greatful! The fight is on us.
P.S. You all do a good service hosting the forum - appreciate!


Actually Uber was fighting against not for it’s drivers @Suebracey.

They did not want them to have any rights at all, no minimum wage, no holiday pay, no sick pay, no union recognition.


Actually, Uber fights to keep the Ride-share legal in the area. I know the deal, I drove for them a about 2 years before joining AirBnB.

Don’t get me wrong here, I LOVE AirBnB - there is no other company I would rather work for. I guess that is why I was in shock that the privilege might no longer be available!!!
Turns out it was an erroneous rumor being spread by discontented neighbor sharing old proposals not the statue that was passed by the County Council. If you owe the house and reside there it is legal 365 days a year - no limits!
It pays to get the information directly from your County Council Member or representative. I’m taking up the position and “fight” to stay on top of this so that I don’t become part of the rumor spreading again.

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