$750 unpaid by Airbnb for over a year now

Hi everybody… I have run into what I hope is and uncommon event for most of you. I have been trying to get paid for a reservation that was completed over a year ago. I keep calling and messaging on Twitter and talking to case manager after case manager, who then tell me that there is a glitch in the system and that technical team is working on it. well it’s been about five case managers to this point and each one of them is closed the case and I’ve never received my money yet. Does anybody have any suggestions to escalate this? I’m not sure if there is a higher up I can go to… or if I need to seek legal advice at this point… For $750 I feel like this might not peak an attorneys attention. Unless of course it was a class-action. Which completely freaks me out because I feel like Airbnb would just remove your entire account, the shutting down my business I’m putting me in the bankruptcy. But that is a whole other topic. Any suggestions for the $750 would be much appreciate it! Thanks everybody!

That worries me . They still didn’t pay me 200$ from 5 weeks ago . Exactly same scenario what you described . I guess will have to write it off as business expence .
In my case I know what happened: guests didn’t have enough on their credit card to cover cost .

Oh no don’t write it off. Airbnb has done this over 10x to me. All have been paid except for this one. Make Airbnb eat it. It’s not your fault they didn’t secure the $$ :slight_smile:

There was a recent poster who had this issue, months not years and they called the guest and told them what happened and that they had not been paid and asked the guest to please call AirBnb. The host was paid that day or the next as I recall.

If I were a guest and found out Air was keeping my money and not paying the host I would be furious.



Great idea, @RiverRock.

Really? That never happened to me within 5:years. That’s why I was shocked when they said: we are looking into this after they confirmed in email that they would pay no matter what

I had a similar situation and I sent a mesage through their Facebook page. The rep that responded escalated the case. Since you already tried Twiiter maybe you can try Facebook.

On Airbnb community it’s been reported by a number of hosts there seems to be a technical issue holding up some payments so it seems recently this has become more of an issue @caldwell68