7 female doctors taking over the place

What do you think of this story! I had a booking today for 7 persons for 2 nights. I have a large duplex (200 sqm) in a historic building from the XVIth C. At 6 pm a car arrives with 2 young women. They present them selves as just gradutated doctors in medecine that are organizing a reunion. The car is loaded with food and wine and… a barbecue. They tell me they are actually 12: 5 other doctores are staying in the neigbourhood but all activities are organized in my place. eg tomorrow night the 12 will have a barbecue in the historic XVI C courtyard. They just told me, without even asking if that’s ok. I just went up to ask them to close the door of the apartment. They are talking loudly and cooking with the door open (why???) and the whole building smells cooked food (its 10 pm now). Would you ever behave like this???

I would only behave like that at a place that allowed events at their Airbnb. Do you have a rule that says no events or parties? If you do, then you should have canceled their reservation at arrival. If you don’t have that rule you now know to add it.

Please include all this information in their review.


Why didn’t you simply tell them NO sorry that is not possible.


Would I rent a place and then have guests over for a barbecue? Very likely unless it was something that was strictly forbidden. At our rentals partying is forbidden and guests are only allowed to host their own guests during daylight hours and a maximum number of two adults. Any more than two, or people coming in the evening and they are breaking the house rules and can be thrown out.

What did they say when you told them their behaviour was unacceptable? If they were rude that’s another reason to get them out pronto.

Most Hosts do not allow parties so probably does not come up that often.

Kind of a grey area, if i was renting a whole house rental that occupied 7, I may not consider 5 guests for a BBQ a “party”.

Very true. It’s up to us all to determine what a ‘party’ is. Seven booked and another five came along - many of us wouldn’t describe that as a party - it’s not even double the number of guests. And the OP did say that they were staying at other accommodation in the neighbourhood so there was little danger of extra unpaid-for guests.

In my experience, even three turns into a party! :rofl::rofl:

Sooo true, especially if I’m there. Is it a potluck? If it is, I’ll bring the rubber gloves.