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7-day minimum stay - when to start?

I’m thinking of trying a 7-day minimum stay during the peak summer months when demand is very high in my area. I was thinking of starting on a Thursday (for visitors who might want to get a jump on the weekend.) But I’ve been told that Sunday to Sunday is common in some places… this baffles me, because guests then don’t get a full weekend. Maybe I’m missing something? Does anyone have a tip on when to start a week-long stay? Thanks!

Sat to Sat is the norm.
People get of from work on Friday and travel on the Saturday, travel back on Saturday and have the Sunday to unpack and prepare for work on Monday.

But my experience is the trend is moving from 7 to 5 days. People tend to stay shorter, but go multiple times a year.

@islandlife What type of accommodations do you offer? Is it a destination people do come ‘naturally’ for a week in the first place?

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Airlines at least used to offer Thursday to Thursday discounted fares. If they still do that might be smart.

I do Sat/Sat during the summer on Cape Cod. Others do Sun/Sun here too.

Thanks for all the replies! This is an island that’s less than an hour from a city (total travel time including 15-minute ferry), I think most guests will be city-dwellers just looking for an easy getaway. When I think about it – the ferry is busiest Friday evening, so I guess that’s a good clue :slight_smile: Friday to Friday. Or maybe Thursday to Thursday in case people get a jump on the weekend.

Or maybe 3-day or 6 day ‘packages’, the 3-day for the weekender and the 6-days for the weeklies, and leaves you in between days for cleaning.

You need to find out the norm in your particular area. Here is is a Sat - Sat

@islandlife Very cool. Is it self-contained, detached from mainland utility-wise?

yeah, i think that’s the best idea, and the most people come on Fridays.

no, we’re on the grid:)

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