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538.9 Insta followers

Our current guests are very nice and have 539 thousand Instagram follower between 3 accounts!!! The biggest one followed Tiny Tiki and they tagged photos as well! Whoooo Hoooo:) I wonder if we will see some new business?


If they didn’t ask for a discount or special treatment, maybe.

If they did, they’re just scamming on the “influencer” circuit. I’m all in favor of ignoring these self-important online personalities since all they do is promote vacuous consumption.


No, they did not ask for anything or special treatment of any kind. I don’t “look people up” before hand, so I’m not usually aware their fb or ig status, which might cause some unmerited or dare
I say it prejudicial (due to politics only) thoughts on my part.
I think if she does post a pic taken here it will likely be a good thing for business! They do not promote vacuous consumption, only their food, family, some travel and very feminine sexy photos of the gorgeous beyond words wife, which I suspect are mostly taken by the photographer successful businessman husband. ps they love it here and have delayed their flight home in order to have an extra 4 hours of bliss


hope you get more business =)

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well her insta photo post has 4k views! but my views on air show nothin yet!

Have they definitely linked to you? Most people put in their post ‘see link in bio for further details’.

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Yes they did tag several photos, and used tiny tiki as the place. I’m guessing 99% of her followers are h^&# dog men…

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