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5-Star Ratings in Pop Culture: Nosedive (Black Mirror)


This is pretty off topic, but I thought you all might enjoy.

I recently watched the Black Mirror episode “Nosedive,” where individuals rate each other on a five-star scale. Those with higher ratings have more status, and individuals will do anything to increase their star rating. The protagonist is stuck at 4.2, and desperate to increase her rating. Of course, the episode is called “Nosedive,” so you might guess how that works out for her.

Most would interpret the episode as being about caring too much about our social media popularity, but as an AirBnB host, this episode took on special meaning. We know how important maintaining a high rating is to stay on the platform, and how arbitrary guests can be when they rate us.

This episode is available on Netflix, and I’d love to know if anyone else watched it and made the connection to AirBnB hosting.

Or: have you ever seen anything else in pop culture that reminds you of hosting? I’m surprised nobody has written a romantic comedy yet about a host and guest who fall in love.


Someone posted a link to a YouTube comedy that’s about an Airbnb host.

I’ve had a friend recommend Black Mirror to me but I haven’t seen any episodes.


Yes, I saw it and also thought straight away of Airbnb hosting! I thought it was a brilliant concept and the first part was very cleverly done, funny and perceptive, though it went on too long and I found the ending ridiculous.

Very relevant, too as it seems that we’re now having to review all sorts of things. At Malaga airport there is a review touchpad for giving stars for Airport Security Check! Would 5 stars be “Yes, loved it, the plastic bags for liquids were a great design and the pat-down was very relaxing”?


I do not have netflix but saw bots on you tube and worth a watch.

Part of the plot was letting it not become an issue for you which I agree with.


I like that Black Mirror is Netflix darker version of Twilight Zone. Like another on this thread, I thought of Airbnb’s push for ratings when I saw the social media score episode.

In an earlier season there is an episode featuring Jon Hamm. I don’t remember the details of episode but I enjoyed watching it because he is such a pretty man.


I was a bit haunted by that episode for just the reasons you mentioned! At that time, I was meeting every guest for a tour, and frequently pictured them rating me on check-in as soon as I left the space. :wink: I laugh about it now, but that episode stuck with me for way longer than it should have…

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