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5* for Accuracy but 4* for Location. Is Location a duff category? Your thoughts


It’s not at all rude to set kitchen times! Because I work from home my kitchen times are 6 to 10am in the morning and 6 to 10pm in the evening, light cooking only. I don’t want people milling about the kitchen when I am in bed and I want to make sure it is tidy for their self serve breakfast.


Very recently we had a guest who dinged us on Accuracy - selecting “Incorrect Address” as a reason, and added “Would help to have signs on the gates”. Sadly the gates aren’t our property and our neighbours don’t want signs. I got in touch with Airbnb about this - we did not provide an incorrect address and I wanted that incorrect statement removed. It rumbles on with Air saying that “just a private feedback and it does not violate the Airbnb’s Content Policy.” So a guest saying something untrue is OK then!!!
We do have very detailed instructions on how to find us and it’s only those who can’t be bothered to take notice of our warning to print or save off-line that have any problems.
Ho hum!


I had exactly the same. A guest lied and said it was the wrong address, when it is 100% objectively correct and to post office regulations. I tried to get her misleading review taken down but no joy. She was an airhead but allowed to win the day.


I had a guest who stole from me, and I managed to get some money for the items so he dinged me on the review including 4 stars for location. Let me scream: GUESTS DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT CRITERIA TO USE FOR LOCATION!! IT SHOULD NOT BE INCLUDED IN GUEST REVIEWS! Guests can Google the location prior to booking, so there is plenty of information available to research the home’s location. They are grading us on the physical location of the home and not what the guidelines state. Yes, I have them printed out in full view.


I’m struggling with these people. Broken marble and repeated 3 am wakeups would be enough. Who knows what else. Time for The Talk.

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