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5* for Accuracy but 4* for Location. Is Location a duff category? Your thoughts


I get your point, but they are traveling and can do research prior to booking, or go with the flow b/c it’s part of the adventure and fun! How are we to know that their favorite coffee shop is, and how are they to know until they get here (and know or find out) where exactly that is? I don’t know. Maybe the location question should be more specific than it is currently. Just ‘location’ is too arbitrary. “I like Starbucks, why isn’t there one in this area?”. They can research this as well.


Good point! I’d not seen it from that perspective - again, to have a “points” category that is wide open to a broad interpretation, or guest expectation, is not helpful for us hosts.


Agreed. We have seen guests leave reviews for such things though it is usually coded.


I got whacked in location this past weekend by another Petty Princess and have been unhappy about it all week. Then, through happenstance, I looked at a listing of a former poster here, @Mearns (I have favorited his listing as I wanna go there some day) and noticed his amazing private ISLAND in the Caribbean only had 95% for location!!

So if a whole house listing on a private island can’t get 5* for location, then that says alot about both the metric and guest expectations.



We get dinged on location too. We are in a beach area a few rows back and state in the description that we are about a 7 minute walk to the beach access. They don’t seem to understand that the same place ocean front would cost them double what we charge.


Sure, personal responsibility and all that I get it. But all the research in the world can’t tell you how you feel about an area when you get there. It’s a stupid question, I’ve never said different, but don’t think Airbnb actually care what we think :thinking: (sadly)


If it’s any consolation I’m at home with a headache pretty bloody unhappy about my current guests that are here for another 2 weeks and driving me mental. I think my whole review from them will be :poop: now so there goes my 5 stars and superhost but I don’t care. And no, I won’t be recommending them to other hosts and they have no other reviews so this will impact don’t worry all.

There’s a whole lot more I didn’t even put in my message to them I just sent such as eating 2 boxes of cereal a week and 8 liteex of milk (for the strictly breakfast only supplies I provided that have been eaten 24 hours). Sent this via the Airbnb message system:

Hi Xxx
Hope your day is going well. Can you please ensure that your friend Yyyy also gets this message?

I’m not at work today after getting woken up for the 3rd night this week at 3am with crashing dishes and loud noise in the kitchen and outside my bedroom door. Can you guys please try to be more considerate and remember the other house rules like keeping the toilet seat down (and lid when flushing for hygiene reasons) per my house manual; turning taps off and not putting raw meat on bench or other chopping boards except the white one? I have bought 2 new black boards after you guys broke my wooden one and marble one and these are not to be used for meat.

I am very flexible with guests and have been more than happy for you guys to have your friends over, even when you didn’t ask me the first weekend and a friend stayed over who made a huge mess in the bathroom and left it for me to clean, but after a month I should not need to be saying the same things again and again.

I also shouldn’t be calling in sick to work because I’ve been awake since 3am!

I have a new cleaner coming to inspect the house and give me a quote tomorrow (Saturday) at 11am so if you guys could ensure your room is suitable for me to show her quickly that would be good. If you need fresh towels or face washers today please let me know and give me the dirty ones to wash. Thanks


A great lesson to all hosts! If Fred (@Mearns) was dinged for location then we ALL will be at some time.


Ohhhh meeee gawd! The meat-juice-on-the-vegetarian-only-cuttingboards crew! I’m so sorry they are still there, sounds like it’s steadily gone downhill for you with them. Sounds like they were born in a barn.


I think the things that pushed me to the cliff top (before the 3am wake up call last night pushed me over) was:

  1. Walking in Wednesday night to guest 1 with bacon laid out all over my bench, and when I said ‘that’s very unhygienic, please move it, moves it to non meat chopping board- did not clean bench.

  2. Later that night I see my marble chopping board on bench with massive hole and crack down middle. Needs to be thrown out. I say ‘what happened to my marble chopping board?’ Guest 1 replies ‘it broke itself when I was chopping’. I say ‘it can’t break itself, so you broke it then?’. He says ‘yes’, literally walks off.

  3. Guest 2 comes out 30 mins later. He notices and says, ‘what happened to the chopping board’. I reply very tersely, ‘you friend broke it, didn’t tell until I asked him me and didn’t apologise’.

  4. I go to bathroom, shower left dripping madly and toilet seat up again. I take guest 2 in and beg him and his friend to stop doing both. He says ‘yes yes yes sorry sorry sorry’ but looks at my blankly Luke we have never spoken about it before.

  5. I realuze that despite being about the graduate as doctors, neither has washed their hands ONCE IN A MONTH (I have listened, no water in bathroom when my toilet is being used, soap dispensers in kitchen and bathroom not going down- I know how much is usually used). I start to worry about getting sick. Especially as one of them already is.

It’s just too

I AM DONE. They are going to another private room host after me for 2 months. Have fun


Good for you. I hope one day soon to be that honest and bold with guests! Minor quirks I’ve been 100% OK with. I can be a bit of a perfectionist “my way or the highway” type of person. Not my best quality! Though not verbal with these very minor issues amongst visiting friends, family, and especially “guests”–who wants an anal retentive host? LOL.

I really hope that you make a very PUBLIC spectacle of the cleaning and scrubbing of your NEW cutting boards meant for use with only non-animal based food stuff. Then make sure they see you putting these inside your room. Passive aggressive I know, but it can work! Not to even mention you purchased these new black cutting boards for and because of these particular guests, since it seems as though they ignored your prior requests. Rude. See @Emily’s post towards the bottom of this thread.
(EDIT: need help from mods, is there a better way to directly link to Emily’s post regarding this?)

Now I’m thinking they are color blind! Oh, but wait, maybe keep these out for the flowers they will buy you on the last day of your stay. They will need somewhere to trim and angle the stems, right?:smirk:

OK, this is just gross. Ask them if they are worried about C-diff and transfer of any infection and disease between patients, once they start practicing. Hope they get good malpractice insurance. OMG Yuck.


We rent out a whole house on a (non-private) Caribbean island with one of the most gorgeous views (my avatar is the view from our pool). We’re in an extremely peaceful rural area, just a six-minute drive from the beach and snorkeling and diving, and 15-30 minutes’ away from almost everything you could want - except a casino, duty-free shopping, and beach bars filled with tourists. We’re not within walking distance from much of anything - we are at an elevation of 550 feet above sea level, and the restaurants and bars and beaches (of course!) are at sea level.

We occasionally get 4 stars for location, since we are “too far from the bars and nightclubs and shopping”. I guess I have to figure out how to fold the earth to get our town closer to the big town!


Sounds like a distinct advantage to me!!!


Good one, will do! Ironically one is working in the infectious disease ward :man_shrugging:t5: I will also ask them what they recommend as the best hand soap for disease control for my guests so I can stock up :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

In their defence they spent 30 mins bowing :bowing_man:t2: and apologizing profusely to me and said they will fix everything and write post it notes every where to remind themselves if ok with me. I said ‘whatever you need to do’. Fairly easy to remember I would think, much easier than 1000s of bits and bobs in the body but hey we can all be a bit dim at different stuff.


I’m super dim. Can never find my purse or cell phone. Keys I’ve somehow trained myself to hang on “the hook”. Thank god for the find your phone app for iPhone! My BF wants to kill me but he’s constantly having to call my phone in order to locate it. Twice weekly or more I have to use “find my phone” app and send the audio signal, that thank god over rides the “silent” setting.


That’s just so bizarre to me. I’m stumped on this!!!


well, joan, fix the darn roads! lol!


ok, emily, compile a list now of the broken items with a big fat charge next to it; add a charge for “transportation fee” because you had to go buy new items; add a charge for missing a day of work( i hope you get paid alot); and present this along with a printed copy of the house rules to each of these morons. request reimbursement now while they are still there. i hope you’re taking pictures. we trust they will leave early and you can charge them for that too!


Many people struggle to get toilet seat preferences sorted with their own family or partner, let alone Airbnb guests! Sounds like you need your own toilet. Why not set kitchen times, e.g. no night time use? Sounds like Airbnb will drive you nuts if you don’t set some boundaries.


Yes I’m thinking of adding this- I don’t get home from work til 7 normally but would it be rude to say ‘light cooking only ok, no kitchen use after 7pm’

I really don’t think it’s unreasonable to put the toilet seat down when you have a solo female host over 40 who asks you to respect this on checkin. Airbnb guests need to understand they are not in a hotel where they can live like :pig: but are in my home with free breakfast, cheaper than a back packers and are expected to be respectful, tidy abide by reasonable hosts rules. If they don’t like it they can pay $200 a night at a basic hotel not $50 for 2 ppl at mine!

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