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400+ completed trips, Superhost status ... and now today, my first bad review (and how I got it removed) ;-)!


i am glad for you. happy hosting.


You need to make clear that you are running an unregulated alternative to a hotel and what people see in your home is what they get. No one really wants to do this because it’s probably true not as many people would rent your home if they clearly understood that is what it is - an unregulated, unsafety-inspected ordinary lived-in home with a spare room! It’s NOT a hotel! Many guests still book assuming it will be a hotel stay or that somehow Airbnb has standards in place for hosts to provide more than a clean towel, which they do not.


I suspect that after the horrible, tragic fire in Oakland, there will be more safety inspections and regulations of private places that are used as public places. At the very least, I hope that every listing has smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and a fire extinguisher.


Apparently the renter of the warehouse from the owners was renting it for business use - then he turned around and illegally subletted all these spaces inside it…and yes I did wonder if he was using Airbnb or craiglist or what to do it as the article does not say.


I believe he was using Craigslist as another article quoted a woman who rented from the renter via Craigslist.


I changed my description to say if you are a first time shared-home guest please contact me before making any financial commitment IE: DONT book if you dont know what you are doing, I can explain this to you first. I never do IB ever. I ask questions and based on the answers, I allow them to stay in my home.


I immediately thought of @Zandra skid row accommodations!!!
Places like this should be shut down if they don’t meet code. I can only imagine how many warehouses/houses/BnBs are out there, mostly in the industrial downtown areas of big cities.

Didn’t you mention, Zandra, that your hosts had said they had passed an inspection? Do you believe them? Your place just seemed full of violations.


I don’t know if that is necessary and might drive off guests. If they make a mistake somehow you can always decline and they can start over. That way they won’t be subject to any Air fees.


@konacoconutz They had an inspection at another location apparently. My place was 100% full of violations and no I don’t believe it was compliant at all.


That sounds Awesome!
I can feel your pain ! My listing don’t provide parking and guests arrived with two cars so I provided them with one car space, then he wrote something like " ,before you book with her better double check , she has very limited parking space" lol I really couldn’t believe how ungrateful he is


Protect the guest at all costs.
Utter BullS****


I’m glad that ended so well for you, Kitty. My very first AirBNB review was from an angry old man who smoked in his non-smoking room and complained about almost anything he could think of. AirBNB sent me €20 compensation but didn’t remove the review. Well I didn’t ask them to. We can never win entirely.


Yup, @Kittyp, I have had to shake myself out of this insidious feeling of generalizing about countries after i had 3 awful experiences w folks from the Amsterdam area.


Ha, its easy to fall into that trap. I actually have 2 separate older Dutch regulars who come back year after year who are both great. Although I try not to generalise - as a rule of thumb, I still maintain that the most difficult demomographic of guest does tend to hail from English speaking countries ;).


So amazing how I can fall so quickly into a behavior I detest. Of course, I don’t take myself seriously in this silliness! And, yeah, I’ve had fantastic experiences with people from Mainland China, France, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Australia, you name the place in the U.S. And my worst experiences were with people from a much more narrow range of places b/c there were so fewer lousy experiences than great.
It’s the feeling of being “tricked” by folks who must feel guilty about leaving their bags after check out, so they scoot and sneak in the request at the last moment, and “accidentally” keep my keys after check out. That sends me through the roof. It’s as though they’re stealing an extra day from me. I’m getting hot just writing about it. Hahahaha. Dumb to resent, all it does is hurt yourself.


That sounds like a good idea, but I wonder how many guests read it.


A very small percentage, at best :wink:


Hi Kitty. Just like you, I find that the most critical guests are from the English speaking countries. I won’t mention any countries but I’m sure we all know. And the ones who are the most critical are the ones who pay the least. Isn’t that strange ? I’m glad you got the bad revew removed. Some people can never be satisfied no matter how hard we try.


It seems we all get ungrateful guests, Crystal. I’ve had some stupid reviews and comments to, from people paying only 10 Euros per night for a clean and comfortable room. Fight on.


I think we needn’t worry too much about the occasional bad review amongst all the golden ones. Anyone ploughing through the reviews will soon see that they’re generally good. Also, most people will realise that some people are a bit odd, and will feel better after having a good moan, justified or not.
I very rarely read reviews, even for restaurants.

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