3rd party bookings

I just had an account holder make a 3rd party booking for a nurse. It turns out they have done it with a few hosts before because their reviews all say it’s for someone else. I am waiting for a CS call to get them to cancel. I can’t see how these nurses could be reviewed or see my listing rules or get messages on the app, but this booker says it’s been fine. Is there something I am missing or is he full of BS? How do we know he hasn’t been acting as an agent and charging the nurses more?

You don’t.

I would ask the account holder why the nurse can’t book directly.

I don’t accept third party bookings but know many hosts are happy to.

Depends on your risk appetite.

If the reservation was a for business trips, Airbnb allows designated bookers at companies enrolled in Airbnb for Work to book trips on behalf of others. If you book travel for your company, find out more about booking for your team.

When I have had third-party bookings that are not as stated above, I request that the guest call Airbnb and ask them to cancel and rebook and transfer fees and then provide the phone number. I put this in the messaging system to say I am authorizing this so that they call and I’m not home, they can still process the change. In the past when I tried to help, it took up too much time.

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Airbnb called him. Apparently he said he was doing 3rd party bookings so it would be paid for on his card. Doesn’t sound good. Unfortunately the CSs English wasn’t that great and the booker Australian, but the CS says the account will be monitored and he has been told to stop 3rd party bookings.

Interesting, the booker and Airbnb didn’t say he was from Airbnb for work.

I have now just received a better booking from a returning guest to replace the dodgy 3rd party one. Just goes to show - just say no!


I received one just yesterday for 5 days. Based on what I discovered herein, ABNB doesn’t seem to have much issue with it (I guess until the host makes a claim).

The Inquiry:
I live in xxx and use Air BnB all the time while I’m traveling for work. I am looking for a stay for my aunt xxx, who lives in xxx. She has had her identity stolen in the past and so is extremely reluctant to engage in the Internet in most ways (create profile, provide credit card #, etc.). Because I am so familiar with AirBnb I told her I would help her out and just explain the situation to the host of the place she’d like to stay. She is very quiet, reserved, and into clean eating. She’ll be a fantastic guest. I just wanted to be completely up front so you know that you’ll be getting xxx instead of me! I hope this suits your fancy.
She likes me to ask if a late check out is possible (though it’s not a deal breaker if not) and if it’s possible to clean before her stay without a bunch of chemicals, since she’s super sensitive. Let me know how this sounds! Thanks very much

My initial reaction was that it seemed very odd, but the reviews of the requestor / 3rd party, include numerous positive reviews of the aunt so it doesn’t appear to be the scam I initially thought it might be. Despite that I opted to decline with the following response and link:

My Reply:
XXX, I do my best to meet or exceed my guests expectations; Booking for someone blindly is ripe for missed expectations. It’s also against the ABNB rules which puts me at even more risk should something not work out. I thank you for you and your Aunt’s interest. I’m am sorry to have to decline the booking.