360 Virtual Tours on listings

I have a buddy that recently got a 360 camera and wanted to try doing virtual tours so I let him do tours of my units. I’m hoping to put these up on my listing using a QR code and a tinyurl in the description, but there is really not a ton of information from AirBnB about if this is allowed, and I really don’t want to risk my listings getting taken down.

Found this nice write up on how to do it:

But again, nothing from AirBnB saying this is allowed, just a bunch of vague answers like this: How can I upload a 360 photos or virtual tour?

Anyone have experience with this?

PS. Here is one of my tours: 360 Tour

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I thought they only allow photos pre booking and videos post booking.

This would be a QR code on the property listing photo.

That first link in my message has a blog post of how it’s done.

Problem is that it’s not really AirBnB approved.

Then isn’t that a way to get your listing suspended \ deleted….?

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Exactly what I’m worried about. Want to see if anyone here has gotten away with it or not before I give it a try.

It isn’t allowed, as far as I’m aware. I don’t know that you’d get suspended or deleted, but the URL and QR codes would be blocked out.

Why don’t you just call Airbnb and ask?

And while there’s nothing wrong with the vitual tour you posted, I don’t really see the point- all that could easily be seen in 3 or four photos.

I’ll call AirBnB and ask, but I don’t expect much from that. I’ll likely get some low level support drone reading from a script that will just tell me they don’t know.

I see a great amount of value to that tour, did you click through to the rooms, the street, etc. ?

I have an entire tour of the neighborhood if you go outside, you can click on restaurants and get their menus, web sites for shops, it’s quite extensive.

All that comes up on my phone screen when I click on that link is the 360 of the living area. I don’t see anything to “click through” to.

Not seeing your outside tour, I don’t know what it includes, but I would be cautious about posting things showing the outside of your house, entry points, exactly where on the street it is. It seems like a security risk that thieves could use to target the place.

“Okay, there’s the house- we can disable that camera, get in through that back door that can’t be seen from the neighbor’s place, grab that TV and be in and out in 2 minutes.”

That might sound paranoid, but giving complete strangers too much information before they have paid and have a confirmed booking seems like a security risk to me.

But I hear you re Airbnb CS. They are usually fairly useless.

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As a guest, I would love to have a 360 tour of potential place. I liked yours! It gives a good feeling of how all rooms are connected- and the best bit is that it makes you feel like you are already there! A lot of hotels now give 360 tours of rooms.
Whether it is a big security risk for a whole house rental, I don’t know. Guess that depends on the crime rate in your neighbourhood, whether the house has grounds around it, how frequently it is rented out etc. Yours looks like a busy neighbourhood, lots of neighbours etc. So those factors come into play for assessing risk s.

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Very cool tour. Can’t answer the question about Airbnb but wanted to let you know that somehow I saw two different house? Not sure how that happened? The URL said 806 and then 802 Bond St.?

Thanks! Were still figuring out how this 360 tour software works, there are some kinks still.

My video tour of a VRBO property I rented in Costa Rica absolutely sold me on the place and I wasn’t disappointed when I got there. It might not be allowed on Airbnb but you can have your own website and use other direct booking tools and use it there.

As for not having pictures of the outside as a security risk, I no longer believe that to matter at all. I added pictures of the outside of my home years ago with only benefits, no downside. I now strongly prefer to rent places that have pictures of the outside of the home.

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I did figure out how to get from your living room tour to the outside tour, by clicking on the arrow that appears, but I would say that isn’t obvious. Seems like the site should give instructions.

Your area looks quite charming and a lovely place to stroll around. I love red brick. I can picture a relaxed morning walk about, stopping for breakfast in a nearby café.

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