3 Questions your guests want answered - but will never ask

You’ve told guests everything they need to know to make them feel at home in your listing, but how do you make them feel like they belong anywhere? John Bower reveals the importance of providing local area knowledge and how you can do it quickly and easily.

Your guests are seeking more than just a place to stay. They want to live like a local and see the world from your point of view. You’ve done everything to make sure they have all they need – a comfy bed, a clean kitchen and a warm welcome - but how do you make them feel like they belong in your home?

Put yourself in their shoes - you’ve just landed in a new city for the first time and don’t know what’s good and bad; what to avoid and what to seek out - what do you want to know about the area you are staying in?

Pre-empt the questions on their mind. Don’t wait for them to ask, and don’t let them rely on online reviews - it’s quick and easy to put together a personalised list of local area recommendations for every guest.

What your guests want to know:

  • Where is the nearest _______? Knowing where they can find the essentials helps put their mind at ease. Providing directions to the nearest 24hr shop, pharmacy or transport links is the first step of building a local area guide.
  • How do I get to _______? Visiting a new city can be disorienting. Showing guests where your listing is in comparison to local landmarks really helps them to get their bearings.
  • Where do you recommend for _______? Find out what your guest likes to do, then send them some personal recommendations - your guests will appreciate the intent.
    We designed Pearlshare Collections to help you to answer these questions.

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What is Pearlshare Collections?

Hey Julia,

Pearlshare is a free service that lets you build and share a guide to your local area with your Airbnb guests. You can download the app from the App Store, or head to the website for more details

What about an Android version for the app ?

Hey! No android version just yet - our mobile and desktop site will be the primary focus for now, as it’s a great experience. Send me your listing and I’ll give you early access to our website.