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3 bookings in the last 1 year




Thanks for your reply. How do I check my ranking and how do I improve it?


have you set your minimum nights stay to something odd, or your maximum nights stay? If people can’t stay for more than 4 days, you won’t show up in their search, if they want a week. (I think)


luxury modern remarkable incredible convenient marvelous private
luxury modern remarkable convenient marvelous

Yeah, dial back a bit on some of the superlatives, as previously suggested - do it now! I’d love to stay there looks great, and pound for pound might be cheaper than my home mortgage!


Hi Stavros,

You haven’t explained to us what you’re doing to promote your rental? Also did you make full use of the new host boost? That usually gets many more than three bookings.


As all the (more) experienced hosts have recommended Check your settings everywhere! Did you get the “New Host Bump” in rankings when you first signed up with Air a year ago do you recall? I’m with @faheem, your views seem really low! Strange. (I’m new but have had some luck with my listing, thanks in large part to LOTS of reading on this forum, and lots of my own research.)

I didn’t see if anyone answered your question on how to check rankings:
I always log out of ABB first, b/c I’m paranoid! Go to Airbnb home page–Not to your listing–enter your city/country, choose some dates you have open for checkin/out, put in number of guests, and click the big button below that says “Homes”. This will give you more filters to choose from. I put in a screen shot below of the filters I chose and the first listing that came up on PAGE 11.

Upon searching for your place with filters/criteria below, I got 174 results on 11 pages. Did not find you & I went through twice. I could be making a silly mistake but I am able to make a request for these dates and criteria when I follow the link direct to your listing. Maybe a call to Airbnb is in order unless this is user error on my part.

Do you mess around with your listing a lot, doing updates, changing pricing on days, updating house rules, photos, etc.? I read somewhere on this forum that can push you up higher in search rankings. I do this out of necessity anyway. I’m always making some change here or there.

Do you have a friend or family member who could do a (fake) booking for you and you can reimburse them? They can leave a shining review which will help since you don’t have reviews yet. (Did you leave your first guests’ reviews?

• I see you have a weekly discount, do you have a monthly discount as well? Air is always prompting me to do this. Either way, you should add discounts to the description on your listing, can’t hurt.
• Add as many amenities as you can. Wifi is a must! Also carbon monoxide detector, smoke detector (both VERY cheap), hair dryer AND Private entrance!!! From your listing it sounds like they go up an elevator to the apartment door? This sounds like “private entrance” to me, but it is marked as “not included” on your amenities list.
• What about self-check in? If you provide this, list this one as well. Air likes all these things, and IMO and can help your ranking.
• I see you charge same price for 1-4 guests, I would add price for extra guest after 2 people, does not affect ranking, however.

I will get slammed by lot’s here on this suggestion…but I would try IB! It has its own filter and has worked great for me as far as rankings go. Airbnb loves this one. This is at your own risk however. I’ve had 30+ stays, I think all used IB but one, maybe two. Only one group of bad guests, and she had 7 good reviews…This will take research on your part and in your area whether you feel comfortable doing Instant Book, on any level.

I’m sure the veterans here can point out things I have wrong here…but I thought I would try to pay it forward anyway and help out someone new, as I continue to be helped at this site!


Replace the twin bed with a full size bed and dress it beautifully. Right now everything looks gorgeous except for the room with the twin bed, which looks a bit sad. The bed does not look inviting and it looks lonely. Open the sofa bed and stage it as a bed so people can see it’s a sofa bed. Most people only look at pictures and don’t bother to read. Visually they only see a place for only three people to sleep. Post the updated pictures and indicate that the apartment sleeps six then raise the price slightly. Also add pictures of the neighborhood so people can see that there are lots of stores and restaurants nearby. If there is local transportation like public buses or the metro, you should also post pictures of that. Most people stay at hotels because they offer tours and transportation. By showcasing these items on your listing you’re letting people know how easy it is to get around without a tour group.


@stavros !! I hope you are still out there. I was just about to close the window on your listing…I noticed that after I chose my dates, 9/27 - 9/30 I clicked on the “Dates” area and it had blocked off all of September after I chose these dates. I messed around and chose other dates (you show no bookings at all in Sept.) And it blocked off other random dates in September. Did you choose some setting to do this? I think not. This non-availability issue that is occurring could be a big part of why you’re not getting booked. While checking your settings I would call Airbnb, sit on hold, and get someone that can help you figure out this problem. I’m attaching a screen shot so you can see what I see. Good luck!


Thank you all for these amazing suggestions and I hope that I will implement them in the next 1-3 days when I have time.

As for the calender. I double checked my availability and it said that I am available. Is this the same for August too?

I will be calling ABB to see why this is happening.

Thanks to everyone who posted on this and gave me first hand advice. If you have any solutions and/or suggestions for my listing, I would really appreciate further replies.



All previous dates will gray out after you chose yours.


I did not check for August. But I logged out of (both of my browsers on airbnb) and searched as a non logged in guest again for Sept. Same thing happened on your listing (??) I checked to see if by chance same issue was happening on my listing and it was not. I suggest logging out, following the link to your property that you provided on this forum (or accessing it by another route) and see if you can duplicate this error. Check for August as well. This is terrible! Sorry you are going through this? Maybe some other hosts know what’s going on. It certainly has me stumped so I have no idea here. Call air asap! :open_mouth:


Go stay at some other Airbnb’s and check out your completion- also just because someone’s calendar is blocked, doesn’t mean they are booked, donthey have tons of reviews?


98% of hosts in my area are super hosts. That’s how many bookings they have with reviews. Most hosts In my area have around 100+ reviews.


There you go. For my simple, small children’s room I’ve had 364 views in the past 30 days, and 11 bookings. That’s a ratio of one booking for every 33 views. If you only had 29 views, that is statistically not enough to get even one single booking.


Hi @Stavros,

I just wanted to add a couple of things to @yecatsr’s extremely helpful posts.

  1. You don’t need to log out of your browser. You just need to open an incognito browsing window. This is now available in at least Chrome and Chromium, and probably in Firefox too. This is very useful, but does not seem to be a widely known feature, so I’m mentioning in here. I know it exists, but I keep forgetting about it.

  2. I generally agree with everything @yecatsr said, except the Instant Book thing. Many here feel IB isn’t a good idea. Airbnb is trying to drive people in that direction, but if everyone is IB, then there is no longer any advantage.

  3. I’d look at other platforms, besides Airbnb, if you are not already. How much activity bookings for a particular country have on a particular platform vary considerably. You may find a different platform gives you more activity. Check out European-specific sites. There are also some UK sites that it might be worth checking on. For example, for Airbnb Bombay is relatively active, but on other sites there is much less activity. Seeing the number of reviews on a site for a particular location would give you some idea.

    Also, some people have reported success creating their own sites for their listings. This is maybe something to think about.

  4. As @yecatsr, says, it’s likely there is something wrong with views of your site. Your views should not be this low. I’d definitely check it out. Call Airbnb; have someone else try booking your site and see what happens; try searching the site for your listing with different options enabled and see what you get.


I didn’t encounter a problem with trying to book, but I would suggest you change your host profile pic. People like smiley faces. You should upload another one that shows a smiling face.


Maybe try a co host. Someone else to list your listing for you. Someone with a higher review rate. Maybe even a superhost. Being your unit will come up more priority until you’re able to build your listing to suffice. Just a suggestion. I’ve been able to assists multiple owners in such a manner!


Interesting suggestion, but it would have to be someone local, right? Might be hard to find someone from such a small pool.


No it doesnt have to to be local co host. I’ve had co host out of town and I currently assist in Co hosting other properties in other states and countries. My Email is Dreyg371@gmail.com… You can directly email if you’ve like and I can go nore into detailed on how the procedure is. Or atleast was in my experience.


I messed around for awhile and it was graying out dates before and/or after the dates I chose, and really randomly. I tried to duplicate it on my listing on a fully open month and could not get it to act so weirdly. I’m sure you’re right though. I must have been doing something wrong?

Maybe air or my browser was just not refreshing calendar fast enough for all my clicking around.


Seems like an interesting idea, but how do I trust them? That’s what I don’t like about co-host, is that they can change prices and such.

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