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3 bookings in the last 1 year



I think you can take control of your co-host if it’s a real person who is a host, but you do lose a lot of control if they are an agency. You’d also lose a lot of money with an agency, compared to someone in the same town who does a couple of properties


Okay, this is weird. I was about to start implementing the ideas you all suggested and then I got a booking confirmation from airbnb. A check-in in a few days and they will be staying for 4 days.

I then checked my views and from 29 views/ 30 days I have 234/ 30 days.

Did some airbnb high staff member bump me from looking at this? I don’t know but I’m happy to say the least.



I think we can all thank me, for this. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


At least 62 clicks from this forum and several of us clicked through looking at pages or even pretending to search dates/book. So that moved you up in search and then you got a hit. The busier you are the busier you will be. Now keep it up. Change things on the listing, make sure your calendar is updated, tinker with the price.

This forum is not owned by or associated with Airbnb; it’s independently owned and funded privately. Is it possible that someone from Airbnb lurks here and has the power to bump you up in search. Sure, it’s possible. Is it likely? No.


Here is my 2 cents on your listing:

  • pics and furnishings need a lot of work, too many pics of the unimportant like plates, angles from the floor???, but no pics of bathroom etc (would stop me booking), furnishings & beds seem uninviting

  • pics of car parking and local surrounds will also help

  • listing repetitive

  • half of title was missing when I loooked at it and discount discount discount stood out making it look a bit dodgy or desperate

  • as already suggested, update your own profile pic to more friendly

  • your 2 reviews look a bit dodgy, less than a sentence each? Shortest I have ever seen on Airbnb. Get some friends to book, give them a special offer so it’s virthally free and reimburse them their costs if you want. Get them to leave glowing reviews in English. And do get them to test it out from check in to check out and tell you honestly where you need to improve


Well yes it would be based on trust. However regarding the price it really wouldnt matter as long as you get what you require for your room. Its typical tht co host add a % to cover themselves. Thats the nature of the business. Me personally I wouldn’t be concerned with that being you’ve only had 3 bookings in a yr. You need the traffic to your place to increase dramatically.


Hi @LOV84,

forgive my ignorance, but how does it work co hosting properties in other states and countries? I always assumed you have to be local.


Well that depends on the reasoning or needs for the co-host. In this example or in some of my recent ones. It’s mostly ppl who only need assistance getting traffic and booking to their units. I have Units in Miami, Atlanta and Im currently residing in Australia at the moment. So whn I co-host or whn i Had others co-host for me I would at your listing to my network being I may get more traffic then you and whn I receive a Inquiry or booking requests Id simply relay the information to you and its up to you if youd want to accept ot deny. If accepted what normally happens is that guests will book directly thru you on their future bookings and/or refer you others to you. Just another way to get additional bookings and build up your establishment. So what your doing is having your listing in more then one place. So its being marketed by two opposed to one. And it makes a huge difference in alot of cases. Ppl may not see your listing but they may see mine or they may not see mine but see your. All targeting the same goal. Getting the unit consistently booked with Primarily Airbnb Guests so its not a issue of the integrity of guests who would be staying.


@Stavros, I was reluctant to mention this as I know that decor is a matter of personal taste and you’re obviously not going to go out and completely restyle your whole apartment, but your furniture, although it’s obviously expensive and good quality, looks rather heavy and a bit dated.
The favourite look at the moment for vacation houses in Europe seems to be light, modern, a bit minimalist but with a few quirky touches (like your espresso clock!). I recognise that for many people, if it looks clean, the price is right and it’s where they want to be that may be enough, but you are in a crowded market with a lot of new entrants. Your listing is your shop window and it has to grab your potential customer’s attention immediately. I recommend you look carefully at the listings that are obviously doing well and see what you can learn from them. I seem to remember from my long-ago MBA that it’s called Competitor Analysis …

And definitely pictures of the bathroom and kitchen - if I was looking at your listing as a possible stay I’d wonder if there was some dark secret lurking that you weren’t showing them!


Great news @Stavros my Australian son Xavier who’s living with his dad for a year at his Airbnb in Wales is coming to Athens for a few days, I’ve told him he must stay with you and he’ll leave you a great review. I’m just waiting for the dates to get him to send you a request!!! Can you tell me why the price jumps up from $78 to $109 pn on 22 August?


Hi Emily,

Thank you for recommending your son to stay at my listing. I think I had a problem with my calender and the price changed on some of the dates. I’ve changed the prices again.

Thank you Emily.


Yes, I know. Especially if you do not occupy your property that you lease (I do) or live very near by it to keep an eye on things. Loads of other things can go wrong I’m sure. I think so far I’ve been VERY lucky with IB, and probably fortunate to live in an area where people come to hike and commune with nature, not party and trash people’s homes. But again, lot’s of dumb luck in my case! I would stay 70% of my guests so far have zero host reviews, just Air verification.

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