2nd visit for a guest and she broke my air mattress both times

Hi. Need some advice. I have a guest staying for a month. This is her 2nd visit. The last time she was here, she overinflated the air mattress and the motor popped out of the end of the mattress. It still worked. I had 3 guests since that happened including a 200lb man and no issues. She came back last weekend. She again overinflated the mattress and this time popped a hole in it. Who is responsible? Should she pay for a new one or should I replace it? She is booked to stay here for 2 more weeks. I don’t want a bad review, but this is her fault that the mattress popped. What would you do?

She also brought enough food to feed an army in my apartment sized fridge so I have to leave some of my own veggies etc out on the counter. She orders food and leaves it out overnight, sometimes for 2 nights. She leaves pizza boxes on the floor next to trash can for me to take out to the dumpster. She has to walk by the dumpster to get in and out of the complex but she acts like it’s my responsibility to clean up after her. Tonight she decided to bake and do laundry. It was 77 degrees outside. When I got home from work, the apartment was 82 degrees. And she left the pans in the sink.

I am going to jump to… it is time for that “room-mate” talk. It sounds like she is not understanding the word “share.” As in sharing the kitchen, sharing the fridge, and the whole trash thing. But, why are people having to blow up an air mattress repeatedly? Shouldn’t you have that made up for them before they arrive and then that is the end of it? Or is there some nuance that I don’t understand?

I think if the kitchen is an option, then how do you have a rule that if you think it is too warm, she can’t use the oven? Or, maybe you do… and you would have to say “if it is more than xxº outside, no laundry and no baking.” I think this is a silly house rule, but in fact, this is your house.

As to the fridge, it sounds as though going forward you will need to designate WHICH shelves are for the guest, and which are for you.

With two more weeks to go, I think it is possible that you will have to “air” this out, or you will go absolutely nuts.

Hate it when you don’t feel comfortable in your own place.

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The mattress is set up and made before guests arrive. No one has ever had to add air to it before to the best of my knowledge. You can hear the motor when it is on and she’s the only person that has used the motor as far as I know. My question is - who should pay to replace it?

I thought it was common sense that you shouldn’t make the apartment blazing hot, especially with a pet inside. I guess you’re right. I should have a no oven policy. I hate having to be that restrictive. And where does it end?

She is stuffing the fridge even though I told her all of my staples are shared. She has 3 separate containers of half and half.18 count package of eggs. This person doesn’t get it.

Question remains - the mattress responsibility.

My inclination is that, given that you had made up the mattress for her, that she is responsible for at least part of the cost. If I were an accountant, I would calculate the depreciated cost of the mattress based on its age. How much is an air mattress to buy new? How much do you charge per night? I would calculate all of this, and come up with a figure that makes sense to you.

[Totally off topic, is there any way to set up a real bed for guests to avoid this whole issue?]

I charge $29 per night. New air mattress is about $200. It is set up in what used to be my office. I like having the ability to put it in a closet when no one is using the room.

So you heard her using the motor? And what exactly happened to the mattress this second time? Is it the fitting around the motor or is there a puncture somewhere? Personally I dislike the air mattresses for this very reason. I bought an expensive one a while back and it didn’t last very long even with being treated with great care.

For your sanity I’d get a little “real” bed and rethink your office space.

First thing I would do is get rid of the air mattress. IMHO she is at least partially responsible for replacement cost; especially since this is the second time it’s happened.

It sounds as if you need a strict set of House Rules about food, food storage, trash etc. and each guest must read them in front of you and then sign that the have read and understood their responsibilities in regards to sharing space with you. You simply cannot leave things up to “common sense” as few people actually have any.

Where I live at the marina people have air-filled dinghies. These are never refereed to as “inflatable” boats. They are invariably called “de-flateable boats”. No inflateable technology is worth $200 IMHO. We got a brand new, super comfy queen sized bed – Serta – for $200.

Or get a fold out futon… These can be had for around $80 at Kmart or target. Or if you insist on buying another mattress, then in the future, YOU inflate the air mattress. Don’t allow the guest to touch it. Put the pump away.

You aren’t firm enough and that is why your guest has run amok. If I let my first graders run the show they’d ruin everything. Take charge. Don’t let the inmate run the asylum. That is your problem.


Thanks for your input. I am thinking about other options for future guests. Probably non-inflatable. In hindsight, yes, I should have disconnected pump. Very good suggestions on all fronts. Thanks again!

Yikes! Your guest is not going to want to even share in replacing a $200 air mattress. Not if the accommodations are $29 a night.

I had issues with air mattresses and got rid of them. Kona had suggested the tri - fold mattresses on Amazon and I ordered two of them. They fold into thirds and stack nicely when not in use. They are not wide though, but mine are more for kids. I only laid on them once and I liked them. They are thin and firm.

If you can get a wide queen size one then I would go with that. Or like Kona suggest a futon or just anything that is not inflatable. My air bed was not even a bed that was used often. I already have regular beds in the bedrooms. So it was only used sometimes if the group was over 4 people. First one got busted twice - second time it couldn’t be repaired. Then another one was ruined after maybe two uses. Guests just decided to duct tape the hole and not say anything. I just had bad luck with them.

With the floor mattress (since you make the bed ahead of guest arrival) - you can put some extra layers down and make the bed all nice and comfy. It might be flat on the floor but I think it’s quite comfortable because I like hard beds.

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